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The Gospel is my mirror

The Gospel is my mirror

Everyday I look at it

I see filth




Immature little man


But Christ is my King

I will follow Him

For His blood and sacrifice shouts a joy that my mouth cannot render but would render my soul to its face.

He will set me apart

Cleanse me

Deem me not guilty

And call me His own

I have been found in grace and grace alone in this self-created grave called ‘my sinfulness’

Where shall you hide oh sin in the Light of Christ?

Where is your sting oh death?

May Christ shine upon us all I pray, in Your Mighty Name that is the cause of praise throughout the nations I pray.


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Hi Pat

Find this

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Seth Godin on Curiosity


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Where to watch TV series online!

Apart from Youtube which gives you snippets.

Please welcome! So many series to watch and so much procrastination that is in many ways productive!


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Best IFH Mondays clip! Wanting 50% Nintendo brain! Top 100 free games of 2007 te!

IFH Mondays!

This clip will inspire the millions to lighten up their Mondays. (Warning: language)

Here’s a link the top 100 free games of 2007 by 1up! W00T!

Ever wondered what would life be if 50% of our memories were connected to Nintendo?

Here ya go. True story of a 26 year old that does…He linked his grandmas death to the time the Nintendo 64 crashed when he was getting a high score….gotta read it.

Well I believe that 2008 is already in full swing and I do ponder how its already mid-January.

It’s time for all to stop whining and really rock the cas bah (hope one person gets this), next post will hook everyone up with the website that opens and unlocks the vaults to tv series galore to watch online. I am loading up a fresh arrested development episode as I finish this post mmmm mmmmm!

On the flip side tho,

The Bridge just got sassy…that would suck.


We can’t end on such a sad note so I guess this calls for a lifestyle motivational section so here we have it!

A getting things done FAQ from ZenHabits to kick start your week to turbo!

All the love a panda can give.

P Daddy

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