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Sydney roundup, BBoying from the depths…

So i got back from Sydney yesterday…

Had a bboy comp with the crew (Nokturnal) prolly not my favourite experience as a bboy.

Here’s why…the comp itself was not a bboy comp, so even if we had anger to vent we didnt have cyphers to knock fools out!

The DJ was a fag…house and disco at a bboy comp?! Dude is a faggot (Matt Fernandez)

Being from Adelaide or just from an unknown area lacks any reason for judges not to favour the better known crews…

So basically, in my POV we got robbed a decent chance at a comp…

So it’s my turn to get my head out of the ground and get crazy into training till i smoke everyone…

Damn its gonna be hard to get myself up to that point and be motivated but hey if you’re hungry you’re HUNGRY!

Lunch breaks are fun!




March 26, 2007 - Posted by | dance, hip hop

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  1. X 2 brother.. times two.

    Comment by Badge | March 26, 2007 | Reply

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