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Top 3 spots in Adelaide? whats yours? Adelaide people in a few sentences!

Ok so my last post was to say the least…a little depressing so lets flip it for fun!

Where’s your top 3 spots in Adelaide?

1. Ausdance

This is my training spot, i’m here 3 times a week train till i die…LOL

2. My House

No better place to chill like home~~

3. Your Place!

Your place

I’m a pretty chill guy so your house is alright too…just make sure u got it all~~ such as:

DVD player with DVD library


Gaming Console haha

For places to hang out just go to cafes, chilled out clubs no dick heads please that means:

emos – go cut your fringe

Art dick riders – refer to emo

Sneaker freaker wannabes payin big $ for shoes dont stop me from stepping on your shoes all the way up to your face
metros – nuff said

idiots who have no idea about life other than footy and beer, stay in the showers lads haha – get lube

gang bangers – get some balls

bimbos – get a life and some IQ…u can buy it at your local IQ store! REALLY! its next to the Gucci store!

Social butterfly wannabes – refer to bimbos…its adelaide we can all be if we want to waste our lives suckin each other off

I’m a hater LOL but hey its pretty easy to NOT be part of that crowd, its just Adelaide has too many “I’m too big for this town people…wack go to the states and you’ll know watsup…you aint nada and you never will be…NUNCA

SO lets all wear what we want

do wat we want…all y’all are just packs of people not individuals…

Love your culture, rep your culture, be loyal to your culture…easy…for some..

Los Nokturnales Hermanos Por VIDA!



This post turned rather serious didnt it…so here’s a totally cute pikachu to lighten the vibe!

pika pi!


March 26, 2007 - Posted by | australia, Humor, Humour, lifestyle

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  1. Dude, you’re a freak. That’s why I like you.

    Comment by Julian | March 27, 2007 | Reply

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