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How to make life more fun

 I’m doing my morning blog…

We just got a kitten (i’ll post a pic soon) no name as of yet, it’s a female and meanwhile I thinkin we were gonna get a male one had my heart set on Pancho…DAMN! SO i gotta think of a name before i get home…hehe lil bugger keeps biting my hand…

ANYWAY back to having more fun 3 ways:
1. Here’s an easy ass way

Say and do what you want…

The dilemmas and the disadvantages are apparent…u can get foot in the mouth scenarios…awkward moment…bad repercussions etc.

Example: Hey your outfit is so old it’s as if it was a dead relative’s LOL

umm….yeh my mum died and left me this…


2. Find a Passion

We all have a passion…let’s exclude the opposite sex, careers, general BS please…its not fun and not interesting

So how about we all find something cool to do! Gaming (my other fave), dancing (my fave), movie buff, music junkie, food critic, animal tamer, scuba diver, film maker, artist, blogger etc!

come on going to the gym and drinking brewskis = no depth in a person…get a life u freakin wack krunts!

3. Space out!

Just space out…dream…close your eyes and see what you want to be…

I wanna dance, play games, hang with cool frenz (both sexes 🙂 ) work where i’m at and just be happy, keep my religion and just be happy… thats what i can think of for now

What u got?



Heres 2 kikass pics more next blog !

Zeus! LOL

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March 27, 2007 - Posted by | australia, dance, hip hop, Humor, Humour, lifestyle, ROFL

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