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A recommendation for the last 2 days of the Fringe festival or future Fringes

2 things will be talked about…

1. The Fringe and its recommendations

2. A Second Life headline to end it all off nicely

Last night due to the Fringe closing off and dying in our uber hyperactive city in 2 nights…I thought it would seem appropriate to go see some comedy.

While checking out Fringe tix in the alley, the girl working there gave us (me n Sammie) free tix to a stand up comedy by Dan Willis of the UK. I was over the moon so walked off to get to the Bull & Bear Pub , while others were to say the least, skeptical (LOL). We get there and there are only like 2 people there…not the best start to the night…but as time passed the room filled quite fast. So the Dan Willis gig started and to be totally honest I was literally blown away by how good it was!

So in homage to the great man’s show I post his Myspace page and hope you check him out before he leaves!! Hurry!

After the show, we heard Dan Willis and Akmal Saleh were doing a gig together at something called Hoodwinked…Thinking it would be awesome we proceeded to waste $20 in a show that was bollocks probably because the standup was so much better…so here’s another recommendation don’t check Hoodwinked at the Gardens…go check the stand up it’s better utilisation of your hard earned dosh!

So I saw a headline today that grabbed my attention, it was about Second Life the largely overhyped ball that it is sold a virtual sex business over eBay for $50,000 USD! Dammit! these people are nuts, PLUS it makes Second Life seem like the ultimate cool thing to do and that it makes sense to do it…

Ultimately if you’re not in the “adult entertainment” business on Second Life you must seriously consider whether it is worth your time…because at the moment in my eyes, the positives are not very apparent apart from an expensive PR stunt.

SO lets all learn 3 things…

1. GO check Dan Willis within 48 hours

2. Don’t go to Hoodwinked, its Bollocks

3. Think hard about Second Life before you run into it with all virtual guns blazing

Thanks for tuning in and here are the next 2 installments…i believe i am running out so if i do I will revert to something else….let me know with ideas via comments if you have special requests! (PLEASE!)computerwat the?

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