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How to up your day with WordPress blog plugins!

First off

Here is the link for plugins

Having a bad day?

Want some more Happenis (LOL)?

Well here are some ways I make my day better let me know what you guys do

1. Eat chocolate or confectionary

2. Drink sugary drinks

3. Listen to music that makes me visualise ‘happy thoughts’ or for some people ‘revenge’ hhaha

4. Meet a close friend at a crib, cafe to chat/vent

5. Do what you like doing most! (for those with dirty minds…hold your horses)

For me its: Dancing, movies, friends, clips off the net, gaming, going out for a jog, random drives to places you’ve never been, searching random things on the net, reading manga, buying shoes, doing something nice for once etc.

6. Do a random cliche dance

Thriller is probably the best known but you can do saturday night fever, the dance by Ricky Gervais in the Office (vocals by you while performing dance)

7. Buy a cheap old school gaming console OR in other words nostalgic things!

Buy a NES with the original Mario brothers you’ll be happier for it

8. Go to the local park and chill on the swings

Always a good one, the thrills while you think

9. Buy a music player other than an iPod

DO it

10. These are getting stupid now

Yes so i’ll do my last and leave you with today’s 2 pictures hahaha

Go swim/spa/sauna whichever of the three and chill under water to think…it’s relaxing TRUST ME

so here are the promised pics


Have a good one and enjoy the rest of your day/evening


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