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Slow day? Make your life easier with…*Click* PLUS short AADC review

So here are two awesome sites I recommended ages ago…but alot of people still don’t know about.

Goowy (is a online webdesktop that’s widgetized!) I LOVE IT PLEASE LOVE IT TOO!


Desktoptwo (straightforward online webdesktop (webtop) that allowsyou to have a virtual destop, ie. office, media player, save files, blog, text etc) JUST CHEKKIT!
To different matters,

Last night the company as a whole had a BIG one at the AADC (Adelaide Advertising & Design Club) awards night.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what we won:


Silver – Marty Pepper for SATC

Bronze – Richie Coburn for The Hill Top Hoods

Finalist – Dale Roberts for Statesman Homes


Silver – Marty Pepper for SATC

Bronze – Marty Pepper for Honda Jazz

Other Vision Craft

Silver – Richie Coburn for Adelaide Uni

Other Sound Production

Gold – Martyn Zub for Rocket Squad Promotion

Silver – Martyn Zub for Herbalife Lift Off

Bronze – Martyn Zub for Kojo Pictures Logo Sound

Sound Track Production

Finalist – Martyn Zub for Adelaide Motorshow

Finalist – Martyn Zub for Smackos USA


Silver – Ernie Clark ACS for Dept Road Transport


Bronze – Ernie Clark ACS for Bridgestone

Website Design

Finalist – Kojo Interactive for Oasis Post Website

Thanks to all who came and repped it haha

These were supposed to be the final two pics in my wonderful anthology of funny choose your adventure pics…but I found some bonus extras just for you! for tomorrow so be on the look out tomorrow!!! HURRAY!!!!


PS if you ever wanted to compare the male and female brain here it is!!!!

blah blah I’m getting old….


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