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So you love animals? Love kids? Let’s annoy you!

So you love animals? I love animals too!

But let’s talk about when animals go crazy like this set of 5 videos that show ‘when animals attack’

I guess in all honesty, this post would not really annoy you unless you’re in like the RSPCA or some other anima-loving NGO…

NOW to really annoy you let’s talk about why the money that goes to you guys isn’t used on saving the lives of humans that are in clearly more need. It’s pretty shady how someone saving…I dunno an uber un-unique pony at some rich kid’s mansion hits the news when, hey that $5,000 could have saved a whole village for a year…

I actually don’t get into humanitarian aid and what not, but there are some times when you should stare at that inner ape in you (by the way i believe in Creation but it fits the context dammit!) and think you know what? This sack of food doesn’t have to go to a pack or random animals, let’s save some people!

Comment your thoughts, because this is my lunch break rant~ LOL

Now to annoying the anti-capital punishment people…

Hit your child! There are so many little children out there with no manners, just straight up terrors, and you think that’s normal?

It’s the cliche when the little white kid goes “F*&% you MOM!” gives her the finger…the people that take that from their kid…here’s some advice break his ass till you can see the moon shine on it!

Come on if we have a total generation of these kids, the blame is only of you.

Let’s be Spartan dammit! Look at the movie 300! Make your child a positive influence on society, when s/he steps over the line…beat their ass…LOL

Have fun reading this, if you disagree or just wanna comment feel free to do so, these are just rants to get people talking.

As promised…once again! The final 2 pics in the choose your adventure series… 😦

hentaibroke back

PS.Hentai stands for erotic Japanese manga…


Look forward to tomorrows blog and pics!



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