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Writing a report on new media trends? Here’s Help! + The use of Web 2.0 + UBERwidgets+ social networking!

After yesterday’s random rant I’ve decided to tone the BS down and write a productive post for the wider community.

I’ll talk about:

Web 2.0

Widgets and

Then links that will be of awesome help to you if you are needing facts/figures for new media trends

First off. Here’s a blog I read on zdnet that entailed the use of web 2.0 in business.

Basically, the discussion revolves around businesses delving into web2.0 and their future stance regarding web 2.0 (investing).  To get a nice grip on what is happening in this arena, the blogger (Dion Hinchcliffe) has also done the hard work for you and made a list of links related to the web 2.0 studies. So enjoy it!

Here it is once again just in cases this isn’t enough convincing!

Now I checked out an awesome site called “Mashable” this site truly has some cool finds regarding social networks

This site you just have to check out to see how kewl it is~ but in a nutshell, if you want the latest news on social networks or new up and coming social networks please don’t hesitate!

This post (by Deloitte) could take ages so I’ll give you the link for new media trends regarding the TMT industries.

TMT = Technology Media Telecommunications

They also have a more concise PDF that really goes into the TMT industries and gives the reader a clearer view.

It’s definitely an easy read and has the facts we all need…i wish i had this a few months ago…but now you have it too, so enjoy!

Now for the widgets! This site has all the widgets you will EVER need,for your personal sites, blogs, for random fun etc.

I know there are other directories but I like this one! So enjoy!

I believe I’ve covered enough for today, and here are the new random pics…thanks to Choose your adventure books for the good times!



April 5, 2007 - Posted by | gadgets, lifestyle, new media, social networking, tech, web 2.0, widgets

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