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Love 3-D movies so do we!Start the week on a fly! Youtube versus Thailand round 3!

Ok so some people think that 3-D movies with the cool sunnies just aren’t cool anymore.

Well I say BOLLOCKS!  Here‘s the article!

Which person in their own right mind doesn’t want an awesome pair of free sunnies to see objects fly at you and around you?

Well the trends are up so all people…REJOICE! 3-D movies are comin back!

Imagine Tron, Transformers, War movies, Star Wars…even Lego in 3-D??!!!  etc. LOL

Before I get too serious here’s a fun link to the mysterious case of the shrinking Cadbury Creme Egg….Cadbury…I’m Aussie too but….you guys screwed up!

Remember when Thailand banned Youtube for mockery of the royal fam and Youtube tries to unban itself by educating? Well Thailand are bringin the noise! They’ve announced that they’ll maintain the ban on Youtube till ‘these’ clips are removed.

The underlying issue is that what happens to the freedom of speech and where is the line that defines going over the line etc.

My view is that Youtube has given people a greater voice to express themselves which is awesome, so it should stick to its guns. The Thailand royal family should take the mockery as an indication that they’re ‘subjects’ aren’t too happy and instead of beating the crap out them or shutting their mouths should do something about it!

Harden the hell up!

This also goes for the Malaysian government trying to get bloggers to hold their views to themselves.

 Hope everyone enjoyed todays rants and humoristic comments!

Here’s another pic….uhhh…FOR FUN! (done in Borat’s voice…lame over the net…won’t do it again….) 🙂


Creepy yet funny…hehehe its so weird….


April 9, 2007 - Posted by | australia, blog, freedom, Humor, lifestyle, youtube


  1. 3d movies are wild! It’s kinda the same way arcades are going by having the novelty machines that are harder to set up at home- ie ddr, drum mania etc. Toy Story 3 would be sweet as with 3d glasses but it won’t suit all movies.

    Re- the youtube and blogger banning- it always makes me laugh because you can see people in positions of authority are panicking over things they can’t control. That’s the greatest thing about the internet, it gives a voice to the people. I can type whatever I want right here and submit for the world to see! No one can stop me. Not even Dan! HAHAHAHA! You can’t moderate me! Well yes you probably can.. But I’ll fight the power! You can’t shut me down… you and your opressive regime! LOL Communism David Hicks Muslims Zelda 64 is not that great Refugees John Howard Area 51 Guantanamo Bay..


    Comment by Julian | April 9, 2007 | Reply

  2. mmmm 3D movies…….to infinity and beyond!!!!

    Thailand controls the internet via a oneway gateway but wireless tech can cause a lil problem and so can uber hackers! Hurray! The internet is the people’s voice as u say and authority should just learn and live with it…unless it’s just plain mean LOL.

    fight the power!

    See you within 20 metres walking distance!

    Comment by bboyDanL | April 10, 2007 | Reply

  3. hahaha..borat is funny..
    and that as u said creepy but hilarious..

    Comment by quissay | April 11, 2007 | Reply

  4. HAHAHA thanks mate
    yeh the pic still trips me out, I’ll go hunt more now…LOL

    Comment by Dan | April 11, 2007 | Reply

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