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Youtube hurting teachers, $100 laptop in Nigeria, Ladies wanna warn friends of who to stay away from? Here’s how LOL

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Today we’re being a little more serious with our issues.

Theres a trend these days with kiddies going a little too far in respect of them hating their teachers or just their lack of respect for their teachers. Sure there’s always that one teacher we always hated, but do you want to ruin their reputation? These kids say yes, here’s an example…totally lame and stupid even if it is a “joke”.

What’s your view?

This is humour. (Disclaimer: Swear words are frequent!)

All-age friendly humour. (awesome!)
The $100 laptop or OLPC is getting started and brought their laptops to a small school in Nigeria.

This is totally sweet and not only are the kids and adults both learning, it’s a kick ass laptop!

I hope this continues and I’ll definitely be supporting them! Here’s their main site.

Now for the random find and rant for today…

Here’s a site for the ladies, and for men to be aware of! A judge threw the case out by a dude who wanted to sue the site…Scary stuff if you’re a bad little boy. Instead of getting coals for christmas you get……pwnership by the female population!

So that’s the wrap for today!

Speaking of getting pwned or owned here’s 2 pics dedicated to pwnership




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  1. Kids have phones in school now??

    Well I guess it makes sense.. Just makes me feel old. I’m surprised they can bring them into class. Sucks that some kids get off on making life hard for the teachers. Nothing changes I guess, just that now they have the tech and ability to do it in a much more humiliating way. I feel sorry for the teachers who are just doing their jobs…

    I’m loving this XO $100 laptop. Been following it for a little while and it sounds pretty amazing. Only question I have is if they can’t afford food and water in those countries then do they even have electricity? I’m sure they’ve thought of that one though. Would love to get my hands on one.

    Haha oh man those pics are awesome…

    Comment by Julian | April 12, 2007 | Reply

  2. Well we werent allowed phones, but u know u leave them on silent and voila! Awesome times at school! The tech edge really makes life harder to literally keep up appearances for teachers.

    The OLPC is awesome and it is a very vaild point that they can’t afford luxuries let alone the power to run them, but from what I could gather was that the OLPC project aided in the process thereof so the communities could get their feet on the ground. The whole design and apps look awesome maybe we should invest in some for ‘work’

    Yeh the pics made my day…hard to stop crackin me up at work….LOL

    Comment by Dan | April 12, 2007 | Reply

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