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Finetune w/iTunes, Second Life call centers and Defining – “Wilfing”,

TGIF!!! (Thank God it’s Friday for those that are new to this)

Seeing as its close to the weekend, let’s go with a more ‘entertainment’ and ‘fun’ based blog today.

An article (a cool breakdown of the service) on Finetune my current and favourite music player at the moment…has integrated its service with iTunes and is given a pretty sweet rave review.

Love call centres?  I know many things I love more! Hitting myself, doing online surveys, hanging out with noobs…etc. Here’s a way to avoid an experience we all love. (Feature article…so the next part makes sense…LOL!)

Second Life, everyone’s freaking love bug of a virtual world (i kinda go on it…) has been referred to as a potential  future call centre solution. Basically, virtually staffing SL offices with employees to handle problems…remember SL terrorism? This could work if people were as friendly as big corporations…LOL (my business joke of the day)  It’s a nice thought which does get rid of some factors of annoying call centres, BUT! let’s wait and see what happens…I’d first like to see Linden Labs try and moderate the world…(It won’t happen, and if it does…BOOM SL is dead).

Finally, I came across this interesting article and the term called ‘Wilfing’ – It stands for”What was I looking for?” – the act of wandering aimlessly through the Web’s endless hyperlinks. We’re all guilty I believe…  The article goes onto express that many users are ‘Wilfing’ too much and are potentially spending 2 days a month on aimless web surfing.  They also say it’s bad for relationships, life in general etc…wa wa wa

What they forgot to mention is…Wilfing is done by choice! We love it! Or do we? Let me know what you think, or if your relationship died because of it…LOL (tell me also if i use LOL too much or if it adds a ‘kick’ into the humour)

Have an awesome Friday!

Here’s 2 pics themed on fun sports we should all ‘dive’ into (witty no?)



April 13, 2007 - Posted by | Humor, lifestyle, noob, Second Life, tech

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