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Top5 viral videos that worsened lives+How to retaliate against your cellphone company+ weekend game shoppin

huhHey guys,

Just had a full on start to the weekend so I couldn’t blog earlier today.

Plus I bought 2 PS2 Games…LOL

God of War…I know I know i should have bought it WAY earlier

And World Championship Poker 2. On sale at EB games (the usual please…) 2 for 50AUD

So let’s have a fun blog for the weekend! YAY!

Here’s the top 5 viral videos that changed someone’s life (for the worst)

Awesome stuff! Go video resumes! HAHA it’s the bomb…

Also, ever felt the need to get some payback on your mobile/cell phone company?

Here’s how! Smash your Mercedes into their main building~

Well…Gonna keep it short today unfortunately, but wait for Monday as usual!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

here’s a pic that was number one on that caught my eye…(wilfing central too..LOL)

Political incorrectness at its best (worst?)



April 14, 2007 - Posted by | cellphone, games, gaming, lifestyle, phone, viral, youtube

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