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Virtual TV merging w/ virtual reality EA and Atari?? Online communities=new source of Biz info! + Adult Swim Low Bandwith Site!

It’s Toosday! (Little Britain quirk sorry)

Let’s kick it off with some more Virtual worlds fun! Here’s the article:

EA and Endemol (who churn out the crap that is Big Brother…sorry I really do hate the show they even had a Big Brother Second Life show….grr!!!)  well the two companies want to create a virtual world that takes on the virtual reality show vibe, big brother and other shows like deal or no deal are in the mix (not too bad i guess…)

On another note Atari has also announced that they’re planning to open up a virtual world too!

so yeh check it out and tell me if you think it can work or not, or is it too played out???

Yahoo! today posted up that online communities are the new source of business info!

So that means blogs (hurrah!) wikis (hurrah) and online communities (hurrah)!!!  check it!

Finally heres a funny parody of low bandwith sites by Adult swim. Enjoy!

Todays pics are sponsored by the famous nemesis of Batman! The Joker!

Harhar! If that’s not enough! check this link! (nothing offensive so kids can laugh too) YOU MUST scroll to the end though…SO GOOD!

Have a good one!



April 17, 2007 - Posted by | Humor, Humour, lifestyle, new media, online communities, Second Life, tech, virtual world, yahoo

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