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VT mourners on SL, Will Ferrel makes online channel, wanna make life easier? need macgyver? Life Hacker: Cool DIY and reasoning behind ‘violent’ games

Hey guys,


Due to the tragedy that has occurred, the virtual world has been just as active by creating a memorial inside Second Life. While some may say this is stupid and pointless, it is a way in which those that cannot be at VT can reach out.

Thanks to Julian for this link on yesterday’s blog!

So people are blaming left front and center that violent games are the cause of many violent acts… Here’s an article that looks into why are violent games so popular? and are they really desensitizing? While many play to ‘escape’ reality which is totally fine by me, their comment that follow, is what makes a statement.

“However, gamers do concede that people “who are already unhinged in some way” may be pushed over the edge if they play violent games obsessively. ”

An awesome site I love to look at daily is LifeHacker. If you don’t know it already, they feature awesome tech hacks and general life hacks (basically teaches you how to become ninja/ macgyver) such as alternative effective ways to kill bugs, how to make your etch a sketch a frame and more!

Finally for your funny ‘hit’ for the day check out Will Ferrel’s video channel and upload site! Funny or die!


Here’s 2 fun pics that go back to my noob post, and for the muppets fans out there!(altho i admit the kermit one isnt uber funny…)so as a back up…here’s an easy way to get crabs! (maturity jumped out the window for this one)



Thanks guys!



ps is it just me or is youtube down?!!!


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  1. sorry this is such a long comment but~ yah…i think I personally have become slightly desensitized by the bombardment of disturbing images on the media (…but this partly my fault for liking gory thrillers..)..I mean…I remember watching, Silence of the Lambs, Seven, Species..when i was like less than 10 years old..tehehe..@_@||..
    …The Taiwanese media isnt helping either.. the other day this vet’s whole arm got torn off by a croc.. and they just showed the video on the news without even editing it~~ here’s a pic if you’re interested –> but yah..

    couldnt get into that Will Ferrall webpage coz it was on overload or something.. but i found that frog one funny..tehe i guess i am just easily entertained.. thehe..

    Lastly, an interesting note on the last article… a taiwanese politician tried to pull a ‘stunt’ by calling the local law enforcement and telling them that there was a campus shooting going on in the University of Taiwan.. and 50+ cops showed up all armoured ..then realizing it was all fake =_=|| .. his excuse was..he was testing the police team in see how effective they were..
    i mean..seriously..-__-||

    did you watch the video/pics sent in by the murderer?

    Comment by quissay | April 19, 2007 | Reply

  2. ps youtube is working for me..

    Comment by quissay | April 19, 2007 | Reply

  3. Oh damn yeh i saw those croc pics! Those are just nasty….looks so fake its real.
    Kermit is kinda cool tho i must say…i just thought some people might find it lame. I like it too!

    That Taiwanese politician has got some mega balls, rather unintelligent but balls nonetheless. He should have found a different way to approach it but ah wells! That’s why we love politicians.

    The videos and pics are pretty messed up but at the same time not surprising…as it’s been done many times (which is not good)

    Well I hope this situation gets settled ‘wisely’ by Bush (tough call I know) but we shall see.
    Youtube is love

    Comment by Dan | April 19, 2007 | Reply

  4. yes its working for me

    Comment by Mytvseriesonline | September 18, 2008 | Reply

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