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MySpace news the lame Digg, 7 secrets to happiness, 6 funny life lessons

Hey guys!

MySpace News is lame

Let’s look at MySpace‘s lame excuse to take on the uber sweet Digg.

Basically, all you can do is vote and read no uploading of stories meaning….WHAT PEOPLE??? YES LAME STORIES the feeling that’s kinda like when you find out the leprechaun isn’t the nicest fella (BEST VIDEO! warning: coarse language 18+)

Here’s 7 secrets to being happy! (with your job that is)

Really enjoyed that read.

Finally, 6 life lessons told in a humorous manner.

Have a kickass weekend. And just plainly feeeel goooooooddd! (Like James Brown RIP)

Today’s pics are…..awesome! parenting and having fun is the theme!




April 21, 2007 - Posted by | Comedy, digg, happiness, hip hop, Humor, Humour, life lessons, lifestyle, myspace, social networking, youtube


  1. Thanx for the ‘happiness’ share~ I shall remember that when I become a makeup-artist…supposedly I SHOULD be happy (?)..hehe…
    The 6 life-lessons XD…puAhHAhAH..very impressed with the author of those little stories.. tehehe.. and great pics as usual 😉 (sometimes i just dunno what goes through parents’ heads..Orz)


    Comment by quissay | April 21, 2007 | Reply

  2. so excited about the Int’l Dance Workshop I’m going to Tommorow!!Yippiee!! (dunno why my comment got cut off @ the end..^^)

    Comment by quissay | April 21, 2007 | Reply

  3. The hairdresser article was pretty interesting. I always thought of hairdressers as having one of the more stressful jobs around- you can’t ctrl + z if you screw up! No saving different versions of haircuts! Definitley agree with the job fulfillment over earning more money comment. And as the article says, there are many things that make a job fulfilling and one of them is working with great people.

    ps- Pics rock as always. I feel sorry for the pregnant woman and her unborn child- she obviously doesn’t realise how retarded she is!

    Comment by Julian | April 22, 2007 | Reply

  4. […] MySpace news as predicted, turns out to be a total lame launch. Here’s the article please remember to LOL […]

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