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Consumers and Social tech, Fix a car dent w/ air+hair dryer, God of War 2 owns!!!

Hello gang!

Today I’m back, feelin swell~

So let’s start the day off with a fun report on consumers, their levels of participation with social web technologies such as blogs, videos, social websites, RSS, podcasts etc. (wiki them if you are in dire help)

So here’s an awesome find from lifehacker~

How to fix a car with canned air and a hair dryer!

God of War2 owns all of March in sales! GRAHAHAHA SPARTA!!!

Random guy puts his mobile/cell number on youtube and listens to peoplewhine…just read it….and maybe give him a call!

Todays pics are about nintendo and toilet humour!! hurray!


have a great day!


April 23, 2007 - Posted by | blog, car tips, diy, games, gaming, God of War, Humor, Humour, life hacker, lifestyle, new media, social, social networking, tech, youtube


  1. hey dan~welcome back!!
    i think i need to go dent my car now to try that trick..HAHAAHAHA.. ^_^ it seems to work so well!!…ppl these days seem all so lonely eh?…good thing i live with 180 + ppl..haha.. just shout out and ppl’ start yelling back..haha..

    great piccies as usual!! teehee i lurve everyone’s hair/clothes/experssion in the nintendo board game pic..teheh.. & the way that woman’s dress is floatin’ kinda loox like poo..or the top of McDonald’s icecream cone.. tehehe..

    p.s. i just realized ive been reading your name as ‘Pandan’ instead of ‘panda dan’..haha..=_=|||

    Comment by quissay | April 24, 2007 | Reply

  2. YO YO Quissay~ thanks for the welcome back! How was the dance course?
    U live with 180+ people wat the??!!!

    Nintendo creates excellence…period!
    Mcdonald’s 30 now 50 cent cones are awesome.
    Pandan??? Panda Dan sounds so much more cooler yes?

    Have an awesome day!

    Comment by Dan | April 24, 2007 | Reply

  3. […] joyous week of mammoth proportions I must add! I am oh so close to finishing God of War…I won some shoes on eBay and I was super slightly featured on adsofthe world for our website […]

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