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MySpace as a new advertising medium, The Teen’s Second Life + make your freezer more efficient!

Hey guys,

How are we all? Close to Friday~~ so let’s kick it off!

MySpace is the ‘new’ old thing…if that makes sense. Now the utility thereof as an advertising medium has been the hot topic of these 2 items.

1. AdAge’s article discusses the value of making ‘friends’ if you’re a brand/ product. (it’s a really interesting read that goes quite into the subject)

2. Marketing Vox’s article gives out kudos on MySpace as THE ‘next advertising’.

So we always talk about Second Life, but today I came upon this article that talks about a new virtual world that is on the boom. It’s called Gaia Online and it’s aimed at teens with a nice unique visitor number of 2 million last month. Check it out, the graphics are cute, but not sexy in my view.

Finally, a homelife tip on how to make your freezer more efficient!

Today’s theme for the pics are…Bubble Bobble and Disney’s Jiminy Cricket! Thanks to VGcats for the comics!




April 26, 2007 - Posted by | lifestyle, marketing, myspace, Second Life, social networking, virtual world

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