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Look up at the sky in SL, Cool things on Google, Youtube comedy night

Hey guys!

So today I was learning senior first aid treatment and will be finishing the course tomorrw…it’s actually really worthwhile! I’m pretty darn impressed at how many small things can save the lives or reduce the risk of further danger. If u feel inspired check out your local first aid training center. For the Aussies people check St John’s !

Tech Love

Found an article regarding the upcoming upgrades in SL regarding better environment simulation, especially clouds and wind. Rivetting stuff! But it was needed as opposed to the droll same old weather.

Awesome Lifehack post on cool things you can do/check out with Google~ calculator, translator, movie reviews, weather, comics and more!! ahh too much!

Following onto the cool Google stuff, Google now offers ‘Google Hot Trends’ that is a service to track the fastest-rising search queries…what’s next?!!

Ever wanted to be famous online for your comical talents? Be recognised and rated by the world? Well Youtube is sponsoring a comedy sketch contest! The winner will receive a brand assignment and budget to feature on a partner drink site to showcase their new product line.


Lifestyle tip today is to get a Google account. Nuff said.

Today’s theme is….awesome gifs…Enjoy!



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  1. those balls are disturbing …..

    disturbingly hiarious…PUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Comment by quissay | May 22, 2007 | Reply

  2. New gadgets and fashion are emerging every day, leading us to buy without rationally thinking trough if we really need that product or not. Thoughtless buying leads to the ingestion of all the natural resources and to the endless growth of garbage piles, thous killing our planet.
    If you think too, that this is a problem let’s do something about it. Let’s keep just one week, for starters, when we would think about if we really need the product we are about to buy, and if we don’t need it let’s put it back on the shelf. June 1-7. Spread the word.

    Unplugged team

    Comment by captainb | May 22, 2007 | Reply

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