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PSP price drop in OZ! lose weight with the Wii, the starcraft secret!

Hey guys, we all love gaming right? RIGHT?!

I hope so…because today will be well…rather gaming focused but there will still be some tech fused lifestyle love for all to enjoy, so sit back relax, drool, laugh or cry.

Tech Love

The PSP is scheduled to drop it’s price in Australia to a considerable price…$350 to $280 AND they’re releasing platinum games for $30…should I take the leap away from my DS lite??? (Mario………….)

Well to push the DS back into good light is an interesting game called Mylife Coach, an interesting game that seems to track your daily routines and gives suggestions, games or just a time to relax. The screenshots are what dragged me in….

The religious sports game that many gamers across the world play…Pro Evolution Soccer has sold 8 million units last year! DAYUM! -.-!! I actually came second last week in our regular held PES cup…it must have been the AI (artificial intelligence) that let me down hehe

What’s a gaming discussion without mentioning the Wii? Useless bahar! Well here’s a site that promotes the weight loss that can occur from using the Wii as a work out, now the models on the site are well…probably not the best seeing as the girl changed from normal to anorexic (i’m mean? look for yourself!)


Here’s a guideline on forum etiquette and how one should decide whether to post a new topic, or just reply to a topic…it’s funny and informative!

Although the forum guideline is good enough for a laugh…here’s how the new Starcraft game was kept a secret by Penny Arcade



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  1. so i was just surfin round youtube….as u do when you’re procrastinating..& lookin up adelaide dance battles to see what i should be expectin on saturday… came across this

    are u the guy in the red hat @ far right dancin in the end?(I can’t see the faces at all) hahaha..i dunno his aura just reminded me of u..u have a very distinct aura..

    anyways hahaha i guess its time for me to visit my cousin’s house more often for some wii weightloss training..HAHAHAHAHA

    Comment by quissay | May 24, 2007 | Reply

  2. Hehe Penny Arcade.. So true.

    My life coach is gonna be awesome. I can’t wait for the day when my DS will be able to guide through life’s challenges and show me the way to enlightenment!

    No really, I think it will be cool.

    See you next week Dan, happy blogging.

    Comment by Julian | May 24, 2007 | Reply

  3. Yeh yeh thats me~ lol
    life coach life coach!! James was pretty into it too!
    Perhaps this week will bring some DS love…LOL

    Comment by Dan | May 28, 2007 | Reply

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