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Facebook better? Star Wars Stamp!! ZDnet Twitter~~cheep!

Ah the new week beginneth and so doeth my inner yearning to create an awesome blog to kick off the week!

Tech Love

Now everyone these days is Facebook this, Facebook that…well after Facebook’s super sumo sized statement that they are the social utility to be…I came upon this argumentative blog on ZDNet comparing Myspace to Facebook! A lot of very valid points that give readers both sides of the coin. It really questions the ‘openness’ of Facebook and how social it’s layers lie. I’m slightly falling for MySpace, although I do enjoy facebook’s functionality, layout…etc…damnit! Integrate MySpace’s database of profiles to make uber MyFaceSpace (copyright) you fools!

On the other hand here are some cool facts about Facebook

Not only has Starwars planned to release animated flicks, they’re releasing Yoda stamps in the States!!! A whole set to send random people annoying games that suck on the PS2 that I need! BAHH!!! someone blow up the Dragonball games series please! I wish I could fireball…

ZDnet has a Twitter???!!! Check it out~ it’s very kewl. Keeps me up to date with all the cool views, blogs, articles, reviews they come out with!


Feeling down? Feeling depressed? Here are 7 ways from zenhabits to pick yourself up! Pretty logical, but when you’re down when has logic been a factor? LOL

Well! that’s today! Theme today is…gaming and dancing with kids!



russian gaming


May 28, 2007 - Posted by | breakdance, facebook, games, gaming, life lessons, lifestyle, myspace, new media, online communities, social media, social networking, star wars, web 2.0, zdnet


  1. MyFaceSpace–>nice
    i never use my myspace anyways..dun even know why i have one…mostly to comment on very select few friends..most of my friends us more convenient.. hHAHA

    **ps love the song on ur myspace** & need to get my hand on that russian game..HAHAHA

    Comment by quissay | May 29, 2007 | Reply

  2. […] Yesterday’s post was slightly in favor of MySpace, but shazam! Here’s an article that is totally in favor of Facebook (with great arguments mind you) and takes MySpace’s fire straight up! Well my view is now feeling rather daft…I guess widgets are a lot more cooler than ‘Geocity-esque’ layouts~ LOL […]

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