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Billl & Steve’s adventures, Get Smarter by playing! Music vids on Youtube! Rip Youtube??


Friday it is…I’m exhausted and really need a break…so today’s blogs will be basic breakdowns and links enjoy!

Tech Love

Check out Bill & Steve’s adventures…well debate, joke, discussion that went down at D5~ The beatles line quoted by Steve is a killer.

Now I love games, but why not get smarter while doing so and track your progress too? Henceforth the article on Lumosity (the Lumosity site), that claims to improve your cognitive function via brain games and excercises.

EMI and Google have reached agreement meaning there are now ‘legal’ music video clips on Youtube now hehe

Sick of having to restream clips on Youtube, google, yahoo! etc? Well the new RealPlayer lets you rip away~~ Check the article here.


Always find yourself looking for a bottle opener? Fear not if there’s  a car near! here’s a clip on how to open a bottle with a car latch!

Here’s todays pic…………. dedicated to the weekend!



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