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SL walkathon raises real $75k! Aussie broadband is up! More creepy robots!

Wednesday is here!

The weather is on and off…I wish I could wear shorts again…*sigh*

Tech Love

Second Life hits the media again by raising $75,000 real money for the American Cancer society!  Now that’s some commitment! The equivalent on the virtual world is…. $20,172,791 Linden Dollars…awesome effort ther guys!

Now usually us Aussies down here are know to be out of the loop and we used to be a modem toting country but our figures for broadband being adopted is showing signs that we’re catching on in a serious way!  a 16% leap in 6 months! Not too shabs (shabby)~

Spacetime 3D Browser looks awesome! Just check it.

The hell is up with these creepy robots? This robot has 36 expressions as a reaction to verbal cues~~ impressed but still very creeped out.

Today’s pic is of the robot that I just spoke of…with some weird Japanese girl who will have her life force sucked from her….Oh and here’s a pic of me in virtual form below this hideous pic.




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