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iPhone apps list, Blog laws, Son…it’s Wii time with Dad! YouTube remixer!

I guess this lovely Tuesday will be the embarking of Pandadan into a whole new dimension as a blogger…woooow pretty excited and thrilled and hoping I can keep it together for everyone to enjoy.

Tech Love

As we all know (or about to), the iPhone is to be launched shortly. So why not get ready for it? Here’s how…check out each and every app to be available on the iPhone with uber detail so the second you get your hands on the iPhone SHAZAM! you know exactly what’s capable and what you need on it…scary….

Now I know this is mainly directed at the US bloggers but this is still a very applicable list for all bloggers out there. It’s a list of 12 very important laws that we as bloggers should know before we get to flying rockets with our blogs.

So these days one always wonders what their relationship with their chid will be…There is a solution to all! And the solution is in the Wii! (and other whatever pff consoles) Here’s the article to warm our hearts by Yahoo! Now when is Nintendo Australia calling me…?

TechCrunch article (link here!) :YouTube has officially launched YouTube Remixer, a new service that allows users to edit their videos from within YouTube itself. Looks like YouTube are gonna stock more useless life videos that get in the way of searches for what we really want to see… grrrr

Ever wanted to post sticky notes on the web to help you when your browsing instead of looking through bookmarks? Well here’s MyStickies, it enables squares of digital paper to place wherever you feel like on the….INTERNET! har har Sounds interesting? check it out then!


Always wondered why that dude/ dudette is always so damn successful? Here’s a start to get you in their shoes and stomping on them… was that mean? I highly doubt it. We should all enjoy success! Minus the stomping…

Here’s a fun pic i’m sure u will either love or hate…nonetheless it’s funny


Hopefully you all enjoyed my first official blog for my new site!




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  1. hey dan! here i am! i read ur blog! go me! wel just letting u kno its all good! i dont kno I just wanted to add a comment, seeing as tho no one else had yet! kudos to u! btw, im hungry! lol
    xx spam

    Comment by spam-alicious! | June 19, 2007 | Reply

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