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Boss I need MySpace at work or I quit!…or just use it anyway

Hey guys Thursday it is…mega tired but hey one more day to go till Super Fridays comes round and all the children play and the monkeys roll in their monkey balls…so I’m gonna touch up on an interesting subject today…’MySpace and the workplace’…oooooo

Tech Love

So back to our main story…this comes from an article on Yahoo! tech news…about young workers needing their feed of web 2.0 at work. It’s interesting because it hits an age-gap at work where active participation in online communities via social media sites like MySpace, Facebook, Orkut, Linkedin, Flektor, Youtube (please google if you have no idea what I just wrote) and so on are everyday parts of their lives, which in many eyes is a must-do every few hours….or minutes. So we find the bosses that can’t see where these young ‘uns are coming from and the young (not saying bosses are necessarily old..) aren’t happy because it seems their bosses don’t understand their needs.

 OK now personally, I enjoy all my web2.0 and am a firm advocate of it but as predictable as my answer is, I think it’s all about self-control and trust.

Self-control from us as responsible and honourable youths that stand for integrity….which by now many of you have lost a lung laughing…

Trust from the bosses that makes sure we’re all kept happy and balance our work/web2.0 balance. Which could also lead to where does my real life/ life online balance lie…..*sigh*

SO get your work done! But when you do take that 3 minute break between jobs/tasks check your MySpace then…I think that’s fair.

Well,, I’ll add more to this but I must rush out now…I’ll be back asap to perhaps have a part2.

BTW my lunch was a steak sandwich…just in case you wanted to know while on MySpace.


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  1. baggin blog dan.

    Working in-the-industry, we can treat all time spent on social networking sites as “research” right? How are we supposed to innovate and develop the next big thing if we dont actively use what’s already out there?

    The same kinda spin can be put on most professions: retail are using MySpace to promote products, sales are using it to reach new markets and everyone else is using it as a simple means of open, group-orientated communication.

    Officially, we are encouraged to use social networking apps – very cool.

    Comment by SimonJ | June 21, 2007 | Reply

  2. I do like the research part…hehe but when does research turn into obsession??? It’s definitely a great way to find out what the next big thing is and formulate an idea of the online audience too…totally agree. Yeh the thing right now is to integrate business with the online social networking sites and it’s very hit and miss…but i enjoy observing misses, if that’s mean or not lies in one’s humour hehe Awesome to hear you guys are encouraged! Thanks for your great comment Simon, and I look forward to hearing from you and maybe even rockin some dance floors!

    Comment by admin | June 21, 2007 | Reply

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