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MySpace vs Facebook, man vs woman in arguments…all revealed!

Hey team! It’s Friday and after yesterday’s rant on social networking sites…(unfortunately there won’t be a part.2 for now 🙂 ) I’ve decided to give a greater lifestyle focused blog today….after the Tech Love of course! hehe

Tech Love

A great article that breaks down the market/audience of MySpace versus Facebook. Basically, they present different solutions for different demographics. MySpace – think a teen’s bedroom…wallpaper, photos, posters, texts about the hottest guy/girl/band etc… On the other hand we have Facebook – which is more popular among university students and graduates, the interface’s customising capabilities are greatly reduced, but the emphasis is more on functionality. So where do you stand/lie? I’m in both…but having a great time experimenting with Facebook’s apps/widgets.


So onto today’s lifestyle section that’s going to be a little bit more weighty!

I actually saw this on Digg ages ago but I thought everyone should be aware of this…Here’s how con artists steal your money from an ATM while acting like your good Samaritan…evil pure evil these people. I hope that dude got madly pwned by the Iron Sheik.

Now if you’re like me there are times during the day where staying awake is the hardest to-do task on my list…well here’s an interesting blog on designing the perfect nap just for you! Now to get some practice in…

Finally, ever wanted to know the chances of a man winning an argument with the opposite sex over time? While I believe men are just perceived to be the lower species in arguments, I beg to differ…I believe in equality! (I wonder if some of the female audience were about to cut my family jewels neck until they saw the second part hehe) Well it all comes down to this graph…Just look below! hehehe



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