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100blogs Yahoo! loves, 2Images: Global blog hotspots+sites, Sociology:MySpace vs Facebook

To make up for my tiny blog yesterday…I am going to make that uber effort to make today’s have that great read we all crave for!  Oh by the way it’s Tuesday

Today’s lunch:  grilled steak sandwich and a Coke

Desktop Snacks: Starburst fruity fusions gummies (come over if you want some)

Tech Love

So we all love  to read blogs (I hope 🙂 ) to check out our particular interests but never know where to look or would like somewhere to check out while I’m bored..Here’s a pretty cool list from Yahoo! that gives short descriptions and the link for 100 blogs they ‘love’ hehe enjoy!

So here are 2 links to images that represent the blogging world or also known as the ‘blogosphere’…First link, graphically shows the top 30 cities in the world for blog postings and comments. The second link, shows a global map of which areas prefer which social networking site, looks like Australia is all MySpaced out…is that a good thing??!!

Now onto the sociology of social networks…it’s been found that MySpace users are generally poorer and less educated than those of Facebook. This article from Valleywag breaks it down plus has a pretty cool visual rendition of the 2 sites differences hehehe

Now I love my Nintendo DS lite…so if Nintendo does well I in turn do well…haha well makes me happy anyway…it was reported that Nintendo briefly took over Sony in revenue when last year Sony was 9 times larger….so Nintendo has totally ripped up the track this year! HERE’S THE ARTICLE! On top of kicking the PS3 up the hooter(?) *i have to keep it nice* they acquired the services of a very well known Nicole Kidman as their new spokeswoman as she has mainstream appeal for all audiences~ All the right moves…I love Mario that much more now although although Snorlax is cuter.


Here’s another but even more comprehensive link to really get some good sleep or fix up your sleeping schedule…I know I gotta start work on this!

Finally when you need a cheer up, here’s some advice all the way back from 1820! Pretty sweet stuff…am I allowed to do a college humour laugh at number 15 just because it’s so true for the ‘new male’ for todays times hehe sorry guys and gals. Darn you immaturity!

For all those people that wanna mess with Pandada…we gots it down! hehe old school.

pandadan’s backup!


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  1. Pat Morita.. You were an inspiration and guiding light to us all. RIP. Ralph Macchio.. WTF?? You must be hanging out with Mark Hamill or something. Come back to our screens!

    Comment by Julian | June 26, 2007 | Reply

  2. hey hey! if you want more retro karate kid love there’s a music vid remake using all the original cast called …. ‘sweep the leg’ just youtube it and you’ll see what i mean hehehe

    Comment by admin | June 27, 2007 | Reply

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