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MySpace vs YouTube, Why Friendster is on the rise, iPhone reviews!

Hey guys it’s thaw your fingers Thursday!

Tech Love

MySpace Videos is going to become MySpaceTV and go head to head with YouTube~! MySpaceTV will be launced tonight (Aussie time). The prediction in the article is that this could potentially be the YouTube killer…big call but hey there’s a graph to show the growth and it definitely don’t look like it’s dropping sometime soon!

What do you think? I think that YouTube has to keep upping its’ service to keep at the top of the food chain. It is the site to beat so it will be a long process but I don’t see why not? MySpace is majorly connected to people on a personal level so why not hook them to the TV channel too?

An interesting article from ZDnet blogs about the sudden rise of Friendster as at one stage it was going to be left in the dust clouds…I enjoyed this read as I also counted Friendster as very dead at one stage.

Now that the iPhone is out! Here’s a blog by ZDnet again that draws from various reviews to give a great an overall summary, as it looks at both spectrums of the argument. The verdict? you decide. My verdict from reading the blog? I think the revolutionary but with flaws is probably the best call. Or am I just old school?

Heres an interesting find from Yahoo! supposedly one third of teens  have been harassed online…I’m sure one way to sum it up is this…hehe sorry I have to stop being mean. But I do keep it real like Dave Chappelle.


Now there are times when we have to pee but we have no freakin idea where the closest restroom is?! Well fret no more! Mizpee is here!

MizPee is a new service focused on delivering pertinent information regarding the location of nearby restrooms. Using MizPee is as simple as surfing to via a mobile device browser. Users simply enter their location and MizPee delivers a list of nearby toilets, how far away the toilet is, a rating and whether it requires payment.”

I will attempt to set up an account for my vlog tonight! Until then, enjoy the Engrish pic below!    Is it rude to say….”Butter Engrish Prease?” LOL

Butter Engrish prease!


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