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Vlog issues, Avoid getting ripped off by Mechanics,Mobile Advertising, iPhone streams YouTube

Freshest fart Fridays!

Awesome to finally be here. First issue is the vlog. I need a cool place to make them, an cool theme…and a regular  interval between vlogs.

Cool place will be hard to find but I’ll work it out soon, I’m thinking outdoor, but will the audio be crap then? hmm… Themewise, I’m sure random thoughts under the same focus of the blog would make sense. I’m thinking fortnight or a monthly vlog. Any comments? Will definitely let you know on a progress, as it’ll be the first vlog! But when?

Tech Love

Mobile handset advertisers and those in the mobile industry rejoice! The market is hitting uber ripeness! How? Here’s an impressive article with included graphical rendition of the mobile advertising arena (pretty sweet).  A quick figure as a teaser? 85% of US adults own a mobile handse, 49% about half say they use their handset for more than just phone calls…content sharing. Oooooo~

The iPhone is set to be the first mobile device to stream YouTube~ Just get one and start watching!

Here’s the famous story of the iLoser. The dude who freakin lines up to be the first of everything…interesting or sad?


I know nothing of mechanics and cars so this is a nice video to have…How to avoid getting ripped off by mechanics!

Today’s funny pic is a scanned story of someone’s story/complaint to an airline about being seated opposite the plane’s toilet LOL  *CLICK* then *laugh out loud* to *roll on floor laughing*

Enjoy your weekend!


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