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YouTube is still king,Adelaide Marketer Group on Facebook, iLike Facebook, Cheap flights via Google

I assume we have all enjoyed our weekends?

For some it is their university/school holidays…meanwhile I am still faithful to the desk, and hey it’s all love! Maybe you can just buy me a coffee so you have interesting reads over your holidays~ hehe  Let’s get started.

Tech Love

An article on Marketing Vox featured a study that found 65 video sites, YouTube is still racking in 50% of traffic while the other 64% fight over the leftover 50%…It’s pretty sweet to be king by that amount. For May YouTube had 60%, and MySpaceTV was at 16% with Google video at 8%. Will MySpaceTV ever catch YouTube?  16% really isn’t THAT bad, as it was only launched recently.

There are plenty of marketers and aspiring marketers in Adelaide but many lack the network, or knowledge on how to meet other professionals/colleagues to perhaps get an opportunity or even just hang out! That’s why I’ve created the Adelaide Marketer group on Facebook. It’s open to all marketers worldwide so if you happen to be a happy marketer that enjoys Facebook, please feel free to join and say hello! Here’s the link again. I look forward to seeing you on there!

While I am not willing to add too many more apps onto my personal Facebook, many are adding the iLike application. The iLike application for Facebook is a digital music service that can be added to a user’s Facebook interface…in human language it’s described as: “iLike lets you add music and videos to your profile, and see who’s going to what concerts. Bonus: get free mp3s matching your tastes, and beat your friends at the Music Challenge.” The iLike app is the fastest growing music service with over 1 million new registered users a week…Check it out and let me know what you think. Should I do it for the masses to find out the elusive Panda’s music tastes? hehe my black ears are twitching to hear your thoughts on the iLike app on Facebook.


Find cheaper flights on Google!

15 ways to keep your brain in shape! There are some people out there that deserve a nice N/A sign for this site hehe question: can people hate a rude panda?

Well that wraps it up for this joyous Monday that is my birthday! But I usually keep it on the down low…iLike coffees LOL

Have a great day! Enjoy today’s pic that has the theme…White ninja is the Bomb!

the bomb!


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  1. Dude, it was you birthday?? You sure kept that on the down low! Hmm maybe one of these for next year

    Comment by Julian | July 2, 2007 | Reply

  2. HHAHAA awesome cakes…now if only I had the perfect light saber to cut it….

    Comment by admin | July 2, 2007 | Reply

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