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SL court case, Transformer facts, Teach teens via Virtual Worlds, Drink Water!

Once again I am bogged with the real life, that is making my online life harder to maintain. So let’s get it started on this wonderful technically July the 4th hurray! woo!

Tech Love

So we embark on another Second Life case after a drought of news on them. What is it this time? It’s an alleged case of copyright infringement. It’s a rather X-rated case so if you’re 15 or younger avert your eyes! If not, please feel free to click away if you don’t get offended easily.

So you have no idea how to let your teen into the world of the birds and the bees, Racism and those with disabilities? Why not let the virtual worlds teach them? “The study found that the gaming actually enhanced their imagination and also allowed them to peer into other cultures they wouldn’t normally come in contact with” Rather true if you think about all the jibber jabber we do while pwning someone online.

So now to some Transformers related cool facts.

The 10 coolest fictional trucks…can you guess which one is number one before you click?

The 7 most useless Transformers, I don’t agree with number 7 damnit! He’s awesome and we can’t live without him! The other ones are just hilarious LOL please consider a read!


Finally, 9 reasons as to why we should drink more water.

I know this is highly controversial and very machoistic guy stuff and I am sorry to the female crowd but I did find it on the net and it did make me laugh that these guys took the time to ruin their chances of getting laid ever again, unless it’s between themselves…which is well….priceless. LOL



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