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My online habits! (Habitats?) great link list for entertainment and enjoyment!

Hey guys, today will be an interesting flip side to the usual blog post.

Let me know if you like these Pandadan specials so then I can maybe make Thursdays…’ask a Panda’ or ‘learn to Panda ‘ Thursdays.

Well I guess what is the first thing to check when you come online? E-mail and then scan through if there’s anything worthy of beholding. The rest just trash it and continue to social site phase. Check out my lame MySpace…then I juggle between whether I should excite myself by checking my gmail account or Facebook account first. Why? Because Gmail is informed of any Facebook activity…So I check my profile then Adelaide Marketer group (which you can join hehe) on Facebook.

From here comes the magic, where does Pandadan actually roam? I’ll break these down into sections.

Bboyin aka Breakdance

I check out all the news in the bboy scene, the ozbboy and bboyworld forums are the places to be if you are a bboy or bgirl or just want to check out some awesome dance footage local or international.

Tech Love

First of all, I love checkin out Micropersuasion by Steve Rubel. Lots of cool links and great articles by him daily.

Kotaku site for gaming news which was aptly referred to me by a certain Julian that writes the allkidsloveblog. is a must for interesting world news and info infused with humor. Basically a lot of time is spent on Digg as you can just read link by link, there is just that much awesome stuff to read.

For computer, software to make life more efficient, there’s the one and only Lifehacker site. A great site that never disappoints!

For great music go to finetune player and search for ‘nokbboysa84’ which is my username and feel free or obliged to listen to playlist 6!

There are the obvious, but I’ll put up some interesting ones I like to check out.

Veoh has really cool shows on it and I feed my anime hunger on here.  Heroes is on here to btw.

For specifically funny clips Break is awesome and you can spend endless time on here going LMAO and ROFL and LOL.

Now for when you need to learn to do things like tie a neck tie which I still need to perfect a video library of tutorials is where VideoJug is at. It’s a great little library that has alot of great ways to lifehack your way to a more fulfilling and efficient day!

To sum it up if you check out all these sites in one day… you will be a fine and happy feeling fellow that is not only well informed, but also supremely interesting with random facts. Now where did I leave my my Tanuki suit?

Hope this made your day that much more informative because if I had this list 3 months ago I would be a much more well-informed Panda…so enjoy and have a great day!


Today’s pic is…from 1955 and it’s the guide to being a good…no Great wife! Once again machoistic and very sexually biased but hey it was 1955 it’s not in a Panda’s capacity to be sexually biased. LOL




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