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5 reasons to have a hobby!Google&Yahoo social Networks? Create your own games!

Hey guys how was your weekend? Sorry i couldnt do my ritual friday post…the weekend bug caught me off guard and basically pwned me.

Tech Love

So now we have some new friends on the social networks….and it’s the friendly faces of Google and Yahoo~ Check out their respective offerings and descriptions hereYahoo Mosh and Google Socialstream. The super powers just keep on rolling in, well I’ll be checking it out tonight.

Now we all love to play games right??!! Well why not make our own or play games created by friends or others within a social network environment? That’s what mygame is all about!

“MyGame users can play existing games or develop their own games using a game builder. Users pick a game template, personalize it with text, sounds and photo, then start playing. User generated games can be shared on social networks or added to blogs and websites.”

There’s a new YouTube now for Gamers…GeeVee…this is a wonderful site….here’s a few reasons why:

  • An exclusive feature to the site allows users to input handles, or gaming personas, so gamers can meet up later in virtual arenas.
  • high-definition game graphics by hosting videos at a bitrate four times that of YouTube.
  • A Facebook widget is planned upon which users’ handles can also be posted.

Now just read the article.

Now many people these days don’t seem to have specific hobbies or passions now I’m not saying it’s the majority but there are quite a few people I’ve met that really have no genuine passion or hobby apart from primal desires….LOL SO! in order to drive some of these people towards a passion here’s a nice blog that has 5  great reasons to enjoy a hobby in ones’ life! I have a few…obviously my blog, and bboyin or also known as breakdancing. Strange mix yes? But I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Today’s funnies are in this link and they are once again an Engrish cop out so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Awesome! hahaha I can’t stop looking at each picture…think toilet signs with an Engrish twist.


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