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3 top 10 lists for online sites,’s top 50 sites of 2007, 65 reasons to own a DS

Tight ass Tuesdays! If you’re feelin’ cheap there are always bargains going down on Tuesdays! Cheap movie tickets and special meal deals through out town. So if you need a pick me up, go watch a movie or check out some local restaurants for a early week booster!

Tech Love

I found a nice site with all these great top 10 graphical displays so I’ll link the ones that caught my interest…the rest can just be checkout out from the link. Off we go!

Top 10 Automotive Online Ad spenders GM and Ford being the outright leaders in this category…Interestingly enough, one can wonder if GM’s efforts are bringing in enough ROI due to its’ performance in the top 10 Online Automotive Destinations…although the sites could just be referring the sales of GM automobiles…eBay motors is the outright winner in this list.

Top 10 Entertainment/Movie Online Ad Spenders, Disney is out in the lead but Sony and Viacom are fighting hard to top each other for second place.

Finally, the online search share figures for April and May, the obvious outright winner is………..Google. Did you guess it?’s top 50 sites of 2007!!! This is definitely interesting…I’ll be going through each one tonight hehe

Is the iPhone battery irreplaceable? Apple disagrees! But you need to give them your iPhone, 3 days, and $79…you make the call…rather annoying but i must say it does look awesome… D’oh!

65 reasons to own a DS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For all you Northern Hemisphere people! Here are 23 ways to beat the heat While I will look to do the exact opposites of these…hehe

Today’s theme is….crazy toilet signs! What better way to cheer us up! Toilet humour what canst thou do?


toilet What the? Am I supposed to take a number 1 STANDING?!!!!


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