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Google to Mashup Googlemaps! iPhone blended?! Facebook & Google sumo fights.

Warmed up Wednesdays! Today’s blog is going to be awesome. Guaranteed a great read and knowledge builder, or is it just my opinion?? Let me know what you think.

Tech Love

So Google maps is an awesome free service that I use often,  so why not allow all great mashups that show tabs and feature spots available to users? So they can choose what they want to see at where they’re going to or want to be!…all free to customisation! I like the sound of this and totally look forward to the mashups “mapplets” being thrown onto our maps!

As if this was going to be skipped? Will the iPhone blend? Let’s see!

Facebook and Google are both gatherers of information, on us basically…while Google has always held their fort in regard to what we search for, they have never had Facebook has…”a network of connections between people that creates a viral distribution platform unrivaled by any portal or search engine.” Thus in metaphorical illustration…if it was a sumo fight Google would be getting a little sweaty under that………colourful napkin? HEHE

Are you an aspiring cartoonist? Get your comics judged by DC editors over Zudacomics! If you’re successful you’ll be rewarded with a one-year contract!

Feel like firing or breaking up with someone over instant messaging? Here are the real facts!  Scary really….in fact to really feel the pain shouldn’t we try it out? I think we should all find online dates and try it out. Feel the crush of my emoticons!!!! GYAHAR! 🙂

217 million people play games online…*click* check the stats and graphs! Guess who’s number one? hehe


Ever wanted to know the 10 greatest advancements in Fast Food? Check it here! Number 10 is my fave…hehe

On a random note…here is a mouse on a mouse.




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