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One Mario Cake for Galaxy! MySpace is still king…iPod killer

Friday! Must I say more? Yes you say? Mario!

Tech Love

Check out the Mario Galaxy trailer for the Wii! And just to celebrate I thought why not find a shot of a pixel based Mario cake…I better save up for a Wii this game makes it totally worth and like all the other titles…Believe the hype! I want to wear a bumblebee suit now!

With all the speculation of Facebook, bebo, Orkut etc catching up here are some figures that show MySpace and Facebook head to head…shows that MySpace really isn’t losing ground as fast as we believe…

Why believe the hype? According to Yahoo! The article ponders the reality in the Wii actually taking over global PS2 figures which sit at a super comfortable 120 million. Shazam!!! I hope I buy the 120,000,001st Wii hehehe

Doctors warn people that their iPods can covert to lightning rods…not so cool now are they!!!! hehehe Need more evidence? Here’s the story of the dude who got shot down by lightning!!! Burnt nexk, chest, face, eardrums were ruptured and the tiny bones in his middle ears were dislocated, and his jaw broken in four spots…can you say this loud and clearly??? iOUCH!


here’s a way to safeguard your house when you’re at work…interesting story nice pics and does raise a good point..and yes the robber does look like BORAT!!!!!!!! HAHA I LIKE!

Office Politics flying around? Here’s a few great pointers. Whether you adhere is to your own discretion.

This picture is just weird…it’s basically what would happen if a company rebelled and took over a building and because I don’t want to spoil it check the rest out for yourself. IF you’re offended by cartoon nudity, sexual imagery please avoid. ( I warned you…a little but I do have you interested now hehe)


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