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Time’s 5 worst sites! Great life Instructions, Wikipedia news!

Hey guys,

Thrifty Thursdays is back! I have to go run to the pub to defend my title as Poker tournament winner this week so I have limited time…hehe wish me luck!

Tech Love’s 5 worst sites!  LOL at MySpace and Second Life!

Wikipedia is the new news site king!  “In the past year, Wikipedia has had a flux of 20 million unique monthly visitors, making it far and away the top online news and info destination, according to Nielsen/NetRatings (Reuters).Wikipedia had 46.8 million visitors in May, up 72 percent from June of last year, making it the top site in the news and information category by a wide margin.” I love Wikipedia…how it guessed Benoit’s tragedy I have no idea.

Get fit, lose weight on a Wii…how? on the Wii Fit!  Video included! This is freakin sweet! Enjoy Wii lovers!

28% of webusers worldwide frequent gaming sites! I knew we were a growing breed! Hehehe


Here’s a list of great Life Instructions that we should know…or should we? What do you think is one that isn’t on the list? This one’s for Dave…I’m my own Hero!! (number 45)

This robot pwns!


Wish me luck and see you very soon!


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