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The Evolving Games Audience, Save on medical bills! Barbie World?

A new week and Monday Madness has arrived!

Tech Love

The once perceived game market was the 18-35 male and it was always this demographics that was spoon fed to us. Check this out though, the new demographics  suggested in this Yahoo! article is anyone (no gender bias) 6 to 60 so it’s time to open up our focus as to where we direct our game titles…I mean great games will always be great but now we can open up the mindset as to approaching game concepts and design. Read on in the article but as opposed to the sports or shoot em up let’s add some spice! I mean how much fun was super gem fighter!  Don’t agree? Let me know what you think is a sweet game that isn’t all sports or shoot em up!

This has been going on for a while but the buzz word in the games industry that is ‘casual’ let’s see why this is becoming relevant and truer in this Yahoo! article. Expectations are high (20% of all sales which is double last year) what I don’t like about this article is their questioning the fun of the Wii, the Wii in the corner in 6 months? pffft. That’s when I have enough money to get one!

A great article on Facebook’s appeal due to its privacy but once one gets into the network does it all go anti-piracy?  It does get rather like that as the news feed shows all actions by all friends in your network…depends on how much you really care I guess. I’m enjoying it at the moment…so no qualms from my way……… far(?)

Barbie’s Virtual World hits 3 million users! The article is amazed by the growth rate and wonders if it will be a greater force than Second Life….that is if growth rates are the same as they are now till November or January at the latest. Pretty full on if that does happen…


Want to save time and money when you visit your doctor? Learn how to describe your symptoms right here!

Feeling a little sick? yet you don’t want to shell out your hard earned cash to a doctor yet? Here’s a way to check your symptoms with WebMD then see if what ails you is serious or not and thus worthy of doctor visitation.

Today’s pic are…Drunkovision!





These are just awesome.


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