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Jobs the king of Web Music? Simpsonize me! Wired’s Best Facebook apps!

Thirsty Thursdays!

Hey guys, just letting you know as a precaution, I’ll be going to Korea for 2 weeks on this Saturday so please understand that I am getting rather busy this week hence my weak post yesterday…I’ll try my best to keep it as regular as possible! Also if conditions are good, I will also be starting up my vlog which has been delayed for so long. Thanks for all your support and readership I truly appreciate it!

Tech Love

On Yahoo! an article it has been declared that Steve Jobs is the most influential figure in Web Music out of 25…Number 2 was the pair from MySpace Tom Anderson and Chris Dewolfe followed by the ‘other pair’ Chad Hurley and Steve Chen from Youtube. For the rest of the list of 25 check the link above!

To promote the new film, Fox and Burger King (aka Hungry Jack’s in Australia) has teamed up to create the Simpsonizer. At, users can upload a photo of themselves and the application analyzes the face, transforming people into unique citizens of the fictional Springfield. Compiler has a whole list of tips to get one’s Simpsons alter-ego just right.

Here’s the list of Wired’s best Facebook Apps for Super Social Geeks! Nice Title!

Bloody hell Samus’s Smash Bros. moves look awesome! (Excuse my French but hey it looks like the ultimate Hadouken from her arm cannon!)


Advice for those in high school or college/university, how to write kick ass research papers! I’m also going to use this advice to maybe write some short stories in my free time…when I do you’ll be first to read and let me know what you think!

Here’s the link to what may seem like  an alien space ship but is in face the japanese sewer system!

Enjoy guys!


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