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The Return of the Panda! Apologies + New Section+ the news!

Hey guys,

My mass apologies first of all for being off duty for the past 3 weeks…The Korean trip really took it out of me but I have also been enlightened in many ways and will aim to provide all with a greater read. So let’s get our read on! A new section has been added called ‘Life in review’ – basically to review whatever I may stumble upon in life.

*NEW SECTION* Life In Review

Knocked Up – Movie

So it’s been out for ages and I’ve been pestered to go see it left, right and centre. The movie is fun from the get go and the funnies roll on.

Basic movie breakdown!

Ben a super bum that loves to smoke the greener substance bumps into Alison a newly appointed reporter at E! the entertainment TV show at a club and end up getting trashed together. One thing leads to the next and Alison finds out she’s pregnant 8 weeks after the ‘encounter’ as Alison calls up Ben to tell him the fantastic news every guy wants to hear and every gal wants to tell…the story begins. I won’t say more but it’s about a 7.7/10 so a definite thumbs up that you can enjoy with your homie or your lady/ man friend.

Tech Love

Here’s a sweet breakdown of who owns what in the web2.0 world from Micropersuasion.


I know I should do more, but the next one’s gonna be awesome.


12 things to do with Coca cola

and 13 things you should avoid on a first date…awesome pics and commentary…love it.

What’s a post without a funny pic?!

Here’s why we love interracial love! LOL LMAO ROFL



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