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Kentucky Mario Bros. ‘Why we should run outside’ by Dan Lee, blogs and browsers!

A new week, inspirations soar and our journey continues……..

Tech Love
Was talking to a friend today…and was informed of an anti KFC called ‘Kentucky Fried Cruelty‘ the title says it all, the game super chick sisters on their site is awesome. Definitely makes one rethink the ethics of enjoying that bucket of Fried Chicken…

Australia is the proud country to be the first to pirate the Simpsons Movie, our 21 year old lucky contestant hails from Sydney and faces up to 5 years in jail…D’oh!

Ok, back to the real news, Gmail has been launched in 41 languages, and Hotmail has decided to up its user storage to 5 gigabytes from 2 but it doesn’t really mean it’s actually useful just 3 more gigs in space for spam….

The big question arrives when one decides to start a blog, what CMS should I use? So here’s a nice breakdown by Mashable on Movable Type 4 vs WordPress. Of course WordPress wins…lol

This one’s for the fans of Firefox like myself, where all the add-ons make our day…Here’s 30+ add ons/tools for bookmarking + relocating your fave searches.


Today, instead of giving links, I thought I’d make my own lifestyle article.

‘Why we should run outside’ – a way to open our minds, heighten our outlook and freshen the body.

So since I came back from Korea, it has been rather hard to get into the roll of things in my ‘normal’ life as it was somewhat of a fantasy world from the working life…like going back to university LOL for some strange reason today the issue was a little harder to get off my mind…so I decided I’d go for a run/jog/walk in the fresh air to clear my mind.

Little did I know this did wonders! Not only is my body freshened (or aching) but all the issues (what to do, where do my goals lie etc.) cleared up and made me look at things from the outside…now I don’t know if I’m actually making sense BUT basically if you have issues, situations that clutter your mind and need time to go through…:

  • Really consider going for a long stroll, take your mp3 player to block off all outside noise
  • Change your pace of speed when you can – skip, jog, run, walk – when you work up a sweat, then walk it off…that’s when everything seems to click
  • Things really aren’t as bad as our minds make them out to be…sometimes we’re our worst enemiesI hope that this has helped someone out there, if not it makes me commit more to doing a weekly run to declutter my week.

all the best to all and see you tomorrow!

Dan Lee




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