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embed YouTube to Powerpoint offline! 80+ Gmail tools!

So I hardly ever blog on weekends but hey, I thought why not?!

Tech Love

This is a skill for all you high school and university/college peeps that have presentations to do but need to use up a few minutes with some ‘related’ media…It’s how to embed YouTube clips to Powerpoint offline (Noob translation: You don’t need to be connected to the internets) I know that if I had known this 2 years ago I would have been the shizzle at all my presentations…oh snap!

I’m workin my Gmail account at the mo’ but going through this list is definitely going to make my Gmail experience that much better…why? 80+ Gmail tools has to help in one way or another right?!

This next plugin is for all you WordPress bloggers out there!  Ever have people that leave you bad comments, or comments you just don’t need (I don’t luckily as everyone on here is awesome! 🙂 ) but if you ever do I found this rather hilarious…The douchebag plugin for WordPress lol


With our local fair coming up I thought it would be a splendid idea to let all the people that enjoy carnivals, yet hate losing your hard earned cash to carnies…a way to beat they a$$ here’s an awesome list on how to beat carnival games…I’m totally gonna take the ladder dudes money hahaha he doesn’t need to call me to try anymore oh no no nononononono I will find you and take your money with my ninja skills which will amaze you and probably make you hide from me the next time you see me….grahahaha imagine a Panda climbing that ladder LOL

By the way if you’re ever bored and need some ninja action…watch Naruto on Veoh…I’m up to 209…lol

I hope you’ve enjoyed you’ve enjoyed todays post and here’s a pretty damn funny ad for a motor bike

Beware of swear words ( I did warn you so don’t click if you don’t like cursing)



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