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Firefox vsOpera vs Ie, 10 best Borat skits of all-time! IM in Facebook?!

Hey guys! Giggitty Giggity! (You’ll laugh if you watch Family Guy)

This week has been pretty hectic, and its already midway so I believe we all need a good informative laugh!

Tech Love

Here’s the visual representation of Firefox vs Opera vs Internet Explorer if they were humanized hehehe (notice I don’t really care about IE)

So some of us need free stock images, when we’re designing sites, bored or just plain being artistic…so here’s 100 sources for free stock images. I like internets!

Stumbled upon a cool new blog to check out! Well here’s the post that led me to it, 5 ways to attract more comments! Good luck with your experiment dude!

IM (Instant messaging like MSN) in Facebook?! I’m addicted as it is!  Here’s mine LOL

If you love your Nintendo DS (Lite mind you) as much as I do this post is totally for you, but really anyone will find this post pretty damn funny….DIY signs made by shop owners (awesomely) using our favourite, most well known and loved gaming character Mario!!…LOL I LIKE!


Here’s a great find….The 10 best Borat skits of all-time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I have many pairs of jeans but what happens when they get too old, here’s 25 uses for your old jeans!

I’ll end it with this pic hehe It’s mean and does push the line but hey I hope we aren’t too sensitive…boo!

fudge packer


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