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Movie Reviews: Rush Hour3 + Ratatouille feat. Zuckerberg LOL, Joost!

Okay guys, it’s been long awaited but this post will hopefully bring the noise.

It’s a special edition that has 2 movie reviews for all to enjoy.

Many US people and worldwide alike have probably seen the movies reviewed but Australia is slow so please understand and I hope you enjoy the reviews and articles.

Oh and NO SPOILERS will be here – but u can make it so by commenting LOL

Review 1: Rush Hour 3

rush hour 3

So Jackie and Tucker are back for Rush Hour 3! The similar jokes, great English by Jackie is all back in this 3rd sequel. I’m a fool for the series so I went into the movie with great bias…so it’s unsurprising that I enjoyed it.

The fight scenes seem to have improved (or I’m turnin old and it’s hard to keep up with the hits) Tucker has some moves too now, which was better than him whining all day – so a nice change for all the combat fans out there. But yeh the in-sync singing and dancing by Tucker (and sometimes Chan) is pretty sweet, mainly because I’m a sucker for soul.

Keep a keen eye out for ‘George’ awesome character that doesn’t get enough recognition.

What we wonder is how the hell did Soo-Yung look like shes early 20s when she is ‘apparently’ 13…………pfffttt (i still love Jackie Chan mind you, he makes mistakes SOMETIMES LOL)

For all the soccer fans out there, the woman Genevieve’s real life husband is…………….. none other than Claude Makelele of Chelsea FC! Don’t believe me? Read it here~

So overall, the movie was a lot of fun where thinking was hardly required and just what I needed after a long day. So I give it a happy 7 out of 10. Exceeds expectations.

Review 2: Ratatouille


Pixar are back again with Ratatouille! Now many people are on that Public Enemy tip saying ‘don’t believe the hype’ and initially that did deter me  from checking this movie out, BUT luckily my curiosity got the best of me and I went to check it out… great call.

Now most people go in with the ideal that it would be all light-hearted fun like many other Pixar titles but the story is quite deep and engaging – the maturity factor is there too and well I just really enjoyed the whole film.

Mouse dreams of a greater stage, betrayal, love, friendship and Zuckerberg??? This movie has it all.

Animation was sweet, characters are extremely loveable and easy to create an emotional connection with…ok so I like Remy! so what!? hehe

This movie has to be watched to enjoy instead of my short review so the score is 8 out of 10.

NOW! how the hell is Zuckerberg of Facebook connected to Ratatouille?

Here’s some evidence to show the inspiration  for the character Linguini was derived from Zuckerberg’s face itself!



I hope you enjoyed this comparison as much as I did!

Tech Love (short one)

By the way,

Joost is now open and free for everyone! Yay!

Have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you about the Linguini-Zuckerberg pic…do they look-alike???



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