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Gmail enables IMAP support,Best TV links, Reach Your Dream, TechCrunch is my BFF?

Hullo and greetings all!

I wish you that we are all having a week of fruition~

Shall we begin? Here’s a random funny pic to get us started…think North Korea and Team America.

Here’s a random link…8 super heroes that are actually douche bags LOL I don’t think Ironman can ever be a douchebag though damnit! He’s way too awesome to be deemed so, anyone agree with me? Please agree. It’s Ironman. IRONMAN.

Tech Love

Gmail is enabling IMAP support,  What is IMAP you ask? TechCrunch explains it perfectly:

If you don’t know about IMAP, it allows you to manage your email account from different computers and clients without having to worry about replication issues. For example, if you delete an email message in Thunderbird, that message will no longer show up when you use a webmail interface. If you were to use POP – the primary alternative to IMAP – then you would have to manually delete the message from both places because a copy of each message would be downloaded to Thunderbird. Therefore, IMAP provides a much more synchronized solution whereas POP fails to realize that you want to deal with your email once for all points of access.

so feel free to email me with a question or opinion, suggest a humorous pic, clip and more!

Why not veg out with your PC or (for the luxurious) laptop by watching TV on it, now it’s not rocket science but I do prefer seeing my shows when I want to see them. So here’s a nice list of TV links for all! HUrrah! (Thanks Teddy)

If you is lonelies like I is and need a BFF (best friend forever), Techcrunch’s Crunchgear introduces BFF! The basic description is:

‘a sideblog that enables you, our potential and actual readers, to talk back, respond to posts, and generally try your hand at blogging so we can drink more Tab and watch daytime TV.’


IMO (in my opinion) we should all have dreams/ goals/ visions that are true renditions of who and where we want to position ourselves in life. At the moment, I just want to learn, learn and learn about this industry and grow my passion for it so I can effectively become someone like the Muhammad Ali of Geek Marketing.

Well, (sorry for the side track) we should help our dream become reality, here’s a nice post on how we can make our dreams that one step closer.

Why peoples in the 18-35 demographics should save for the future. Phew glad I’m pretty frugal….If only eBay didn’t exist…

We can fit one more pic can’t we?

Here it is! Don’t mess with my homies y’all!


Have a great week all!


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