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Firefox vsOpera vs Ie, 10 best Borat skits of all-time! IM in Facebook?!

Hey guys! Giggitty Giggity! (You’ll laugh if you watch Family Guy)

This week has been pretty hectic, and its already midway so I believe we all need a good informative laugh!

Tech Love

Here’s the visual representation of Firefox vs Opera vs Internet Explorer if they were humanized hehehe (notice I don’t really care about IE)

So some of us need free stock images, when we’re designing sites, bored or just plain being artistic…so here’s 100 sources for free stock images. I like internets!

Stumbled upon a cool new blog to check out! Well here’s the post that led me to it, 5 ways to attract more comments! Good luck with your experiment dude!

IM (Instant messaging like MSN) in Facebook?! I’m addicted as it is!  Here’s mine LOL

If you love your Nintendo DS (Lite mind you) as much as I do this post is totally for you, but really anyone will find this post pretty damn funny….DIY signs made by shop owners (awesomely) using our favourite, most well known and loved gaming character Mario!!…LOL I LIKE!


Here’s a great find….The 10 best Borat skits of all-time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I have many pairs of jeans but what happens when they get too old, here’s 25 uses for your old jeans!

I’ll end it with this pic hehe It’s mean and does push the line but hey I hope we aren’t too sensitive…boo!

fudge packer

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TGIF! 50 most influential bloggers, TechCrunch40 winner


Makes me wanna dance! Like this!

Vandamme DanceClick for an upclose encounter with Van Damme in ‘Breakdance’ the movie.

Now! Back to the blogging

Tech Love

While I may not be on the list (boo!) this is a list we should all check out for a read – NXe’s Fifty most influential bloggers – A highlight blog I would like to single out for review THIS WEEK to see some great web2.0 sites is TechCrunch’s posts after page 3, because they just had the TechCrunch40 event and announced all the stand out sites, the pages before page 3 are sweet too. won by the way – check it out:

“Mint is a personal finance application that lets users track and monitor their financials in one place without the need of routine maintenance or accounting knowledge. Their application tracks bank, credit union and credit card transactions and alerts users to upcoming bills, low balances or unusual spending. Mint’s patent-pending technology automatically categorizes transactions, so users know with precision where they are spending money, what their bank and credit balances are, and how much interest they have earned.”


If you like George Bush Don’t Click (I personally don’t care although he does have the IQ of a flower). If you like humor….Here’s a link to GB’s great speech towards Economics videoNOOB!

If you like grilled cheese sandwiches like I do, here’s a great link on how to hack your way into a totally ass whoopingly good grilled cheese sandwich. YEE HAW!

I sincerely thank you for your readership and chuckles we enjoy together.

Until we meet again next week, have an awesome weekend!

Remember, if you need a haircut – check out our sponsor below~~~ Yeh baby YEH!

nice haircut

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Idiot Panda…Make monies on Facebook, Bargain paradise! Blog on iPhone

Hey guys, if you’re out there!!!!!!!~

I have been a fool and have not written even once last week! What’s going on!!??? I gotta step my game up seriously! Now rest assured that I am still reading around and getting’s just that getting that 1 hour to sit and type has slowly become less and less of a mandatory process so here I am forcing myself to get back on track at 12:40 am…hehe

Tech Love

Want to make monies on Facebook? Here’s the Lemonade app link to be on your way to make monies from da internets through Facebook!

Damnit Sony I want one of your new rolling and slammin mp3 players!

We can now blog via freakin Typepad on the iPhone~ woo…yay *insert sarcasm*

For over a 100 bargain deal finding sites…check this link list here! And we (or I) thought deals online didnt exist anymore~


I have white teeth but after a coffee or a coke they can become slightly tinged, so here’s an uber sweet way to keep em shiny white with guess what? Strawberries and baking soda!!!

For all the health conscious out there, I know I should be but meh ice cream wins all! Here’s 60+ health and fitness sites…I actually might look into getting some motivation to move my body once in a while!

Awesome little story on teen ninjas running wild in Seattle.…ahhh the days of youth…I am ninja he is ninja we are ninja too~~~ lalala

Here is some image love…some random market that thought ‘meat’ is a sufficient description for its meat…it’s funnier if you THINK about it!!! phew…


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embed YouTube to Powerpoint offline! 80+ Gmail tools!

So I hardly ever blog on weekends but hey, I thought why not?!

Tech Love

This is a skill for all you high school and university/college peeps that have presentations to do but need to use up a few minutes with some ‘related’ media…It’s how to embed YouTube clips to Powerpoint offline (Noob translation: You don’t need to be connected to the internets) I know that if I had known this 2 years ago I would have been the shizzle at all my presentations…oh snap!

I’m workin my Gmail account at the mo’ but going through this list is definitely going to make my Gmail experience that much better…why? 80+ Gmail tools has to help in one way or another right?!

This next plugin is for all you WordPress bloggers out there!  Ever have people that leave you bad comments, or comments you just don’t need (I don’t luckily as everyone on here is awesome! 🙂 ) but if you ever do I found this rather hilarious…The douchebag plugin for WordPress lol


With our local fair coming up I thought it would be a splendid idea to let all the people that enjoy carnivals, yet hate losing your hard earned cash to carnies…a way to beat they a$$ here’s an awesome list on how to beat carnival games…I’m totally gonna take the ladder dudes money hahaha he doesn’t need to call me to try anymore oh no no nononononono I will find you and take your money with my ninja skills which will amaze you and probably make you hide from me the next time you see me….grahahaha imagine a Panda climbing that ladder LOL

By the way if you’re ever bored and need some ninja action…watch Naruto on Veoh…I’m up to 209…lol

I hope you’ve enjoyed you’ve enjoyed todays post and here’s a pretty damn funny ad for a motor bike

Beware of swear words ( I did warn you so don’t click if you don’t like cursing)


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Wii Pwns! Youtube vids to PC,iPod, PSP, Mobile!300 Ultimate WordPress tools!

Hey guys I know my blogs have been less frequent then they should be…just been uber pwned since getting back here but don’t worry! I’ll blog as much as possible and will try to amp up the frequency to make up for the lack thereof!

Tech Love

The Wii is now the ultimate market leader in the sales of home console, taking over the Xbox 360 which could explain its price drop recently.Wii’s 10.57million sales to Xbox 360s Now all I have to do is wait till I have enough cash to actually buy one! Noobd.

Now there are times you just have to see your fave YouTube clip (one of many) on your PC, iPod, PSP and mobile to readily show everyone! Well here’s vconvert! The great thing about vconvert is that it’s not just limited to Youtube, it can download and convert any online videos! Enjoy!

Finally, Here’s the super uber list of 300 WordPress tools for your blog! How do I choose???


Mistakes not to make on the first date, but this list applies to most dates in general…Talking on the phone on a date? Get it right, very rude.

14 Foods that lower cholesterol…for all you diet heads out there!

Posting this pic teetered back and forth in my mind but I have decided to post it up due to its hilarity factor. I wish I could have witnessed this in real life, or do I? Brrrrrrrrrr…..

A definite WTF


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