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The Virtual Worlds of today, Johnny Depp freaked pt.2! DS LOVE!

Another new Friday has come by, and we all bid the weekdays farewell so that we can all enjoy the much awaited relaxing(or partying) of the weekend.  So without much further ado I give you today’s blog~

Tech Love

3D virtual worlds are like totally hot at the moment LOL so….why not break each of them down and check out what they have to offer? Here’s the link!

I’ve been going through all my favourite spots to get articles or interesting news but the world out there seems to know it’s Friday and totally slows down too..LOL Anyways that’s  my whinge of the day gone so let’s get back to it.

Here’s a cool article from Kotaku about Jessica Alba and her Nintendo DS…*sigh* when will i pwn her over the DS…

Oh by the way I bought God of War 2 at half price yesterday…yes I’m broke but hey now I can rest in peace…I also bought…(Final Fantasy 3, Rub Rabbits and Lost Magic for the DS) ….ramen for a month….phew…


Here’s how to remove gum from clothing….I needed this earlier in life!

Today is humour central because I want to laugh and laugh today like a Pokemon. Snorlax…hehe ANYWAYwhen you thought yesterday’s Johnny Depp scare was crazy enough…I found part2HERE CLICK NOW!!! AHAHAHA the laughs continue to roll, awkward, crazy, Engrish it’s got it all!

And as an extra here’s a funny pic with the theme…about me and how I feel Bomberman DS would be like in human form…totally useless…dude WTF?! I hate him so much right now…grr! Trade him for a real bad game like Ping Pals! AHHBomberman

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YouTube minimizes Engrish, eBay pwns Google, SL steppin’~ Johnny Depp WTF?!

Thugged out Thursdays are my fave~

Tech Love

Engrish is all around us,  but we should allow for all Engrish users to not have to use Engrish but go for their native tongue. That’s why yesterday Flickr added 7 languages but today Youtube plans to expand its language base also! French and Mandarin are the languages expressed in the article so far…lookout for more…

eBay pwns the crap out of Google…the article says it all.

We have 2 new entries to Second Life today…and they are…Beverage maker Diageo and Japanese politician Kan Suzuki who hopes to get re-elected.

Like to think of yourself as a bit of a writer? Well here’s a way to get published for $19! I’ll probably give myself  around 6 months before I publish my  literature…LOL


Here’re some shaving tips which I also needed to know…hehe



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‘Wiiitis’? SL value stupidity, Blog influence strength, iGoogle


I wonder why time seems to slow down on Thursdays…is it because the anticipation of Friday? Things are pretty awesome these days, lots of cool happenings at work, dancing is improving, poker game is improving and so is my time spent on eBay…hmmm what to buy next???

I will be in Seoul, Korea for around 2 weeks late July till early August so all you Korean readers let me know if there’s anywhere you recommend!

Tech Love

The Wii totally pwned the PS3 by how much was it again? The number was… OH! I think it was….5 times the amount rahahahar   The figures were 251,794 Wii consoles sold last month, while Sony sold just 45,321. Ouch.

So the Wii is awesome la dee da, HOWEVER! there is one problem that can arise with the Wii and it’s a symptom called Wiiitis. (article link) Now injuries due to the Wii have been a big issue and this is the ‘label word’ that has been derived for these injuries. Pretty cool name for injuries too… I wish I had Wiiitis…. 😦

Second Life is back again to haunt me everyday by being in the media~ well this time the rumour is…that the valuation for the oversexed Virtual world has come to a mind blowinly overrated $750 million! What the? If this is true that is totally messed up.

There are 15 million active blogs and another 57 million who read them. The blog has great influence on the wider audience, greater than we all believe…for example, few weeks ago, tech blog Engadget wrote that Apple’s iPhone and Leopard operating system would be seriously delayed. Though it was later revealed that info came from a fake leaked memo, the news still drove Apple’s stock into an emotional tailspin. A survey reports consumers simply trust blogs more than advertising or email marketing.  52% of readers were persuaded to buy something after reading a positive review posted by a blogger.  74% think “citizen journalism,” a term coined for news reported by bloggers, will play an important role in the future. Fellow bloggers, I salute thee!

Add live TV to your Google homepage!


Why we shouldn’t use bullet points in powerpoint presentations

Personal Productivity Boost!!! Just one short note is all you need!

WOW! that was the monster post of the week! Hope you enjoyed and learnt your new fact of the day!

Today’s theme is…..Traffic light comedy!


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Billl & Steve’s adventures, Get Smarter by playing! Music vids on Youtube! Rip Youtube??


Friday it is…I’m exhausted and really need a break…so today’s blogs will be basic breakdowns and links enjoy!

Tech Love

Check out Bill & Steve’s adventures…well debate, joke, discussion that went down at D5~ The beatles line quoted by Steve is a killer.

Now I love games, but why not get smarter while doing so and track your progress too? Henceforth the article on Lumosity (the Lumosity site), that claims to improve your cognitive function via brain games and excercises.

EMI and Google have reached agreement meaning there are now ‘legal’ music video clips on Youtube now hehe

Sick of having to restream clips on Youtube, google, yahoo! etc? Well the new RealPlayer lets you rip away~~ Check the article here.


Always find yourself looking for a bottle opener? Fear not if there’s  a car near! here’s a clip on how to open a bottle with a car latch!

Here’s todays pic…………. dedicated to the weekend!


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Surface Computer?! Map wars! SL not so hot, Apple ain’t cool with MySpace

Mid-week it is! We got a lot to cover so let’s roll out the red carpet for your textual nirvana!!!

Tech Love

Microsoft has announced its Surface Computer…”Microsoft Surface.” No idea what a surface computer is? A Surface computer is able to recognize physical objects and allows hands-on, direct control of content such as photos, music and maps. Surface turns an ordinary tabletop into a dynamic surface that provides interaction with all forms of digital content through natural gestures, touch and physical objects.

The new product is aimed directly at hotels, retail establishments, restaurants and public entertainment venues and should be commercially available towards the end of the year. Checked out the video clip and was rather impressed! Pong anyone?

After yesterday’s post on Microsoft Live’s 3D maps…Google has come back with Google maps WITH 360 streetside views!!! I took a tour of New York again but on the street level today and really had a blast. Can’t wait to check out NYC one day…unless someone out there comes up with a super great innovation before I actually get there~ Maybe on World of Warcraft hehe

Now I know how much the media loves Second Life and how awesome it is for people and marketing activities and so on…Here’s another heartbreaker for them, here’s the real-life picture (I laugh I laugh) of what’s actually happening to these big names in the SL environment.

Apple ain’t such a big fan of MySpace? Interesting…well basically apple stores allow people to try out and tinker with their products, but when people rock up to check their MySpace…they decide to take their freakin time taking photos, commenting and basically not letting others test the machines…which has resulted in MySpace being banned in Apple stores. *Chortle chortle*


Keep your fave foods fresh! Here’s a clip for closing chip bags without the clip! And how to keep cookies fresh with bread??!!!

Today’s pic is…how to promote fights! Wish Don King had known this ages ago!



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