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VirtualNES on Facebook! Top 10 competitive Video sites, Intel and the OLPC make Peace

Tanked up Tuesdays!

Hey guys another day has passed…and I’m back to bring the goodness oh yeah!

Tech Love

VirtualNES on Facebook!!! Must I say more click and play over 500 old school original NES games over an emulator in Facebook!!! SWEEET!

I love watching online videos as most of us do, so why not have the top 10 competitive video sites up on here!  From my personal favourite you can go check out the uber basic looking rate my dance moves and even Dare Junkies, lots of fun to be had on that list so check em out!

It’s been a while since we’ve heard about the OLPC (one laptop per child aka $100 laptop) project, well here’s an article on the progress of the OLPC and Intel’s small ruckus they had as Intel had  similar product in the market in the low $200s…Supposedly they are now all good with each other and had face to face meetings even went out to say they had ‘joined forces’.

I meet people that use Engrish on a daily basis so here’s a  great way to minimise Engrish worldwide or hey learn another language! It’s called xlingo and its basically a community for the exchange of foreign languages. Sounds like fun? Then get going!

A super duper great app/site I happened to stumble upon was it’s a site that basically makes you a virtual chatroom you and friends can get onto if all of you don’t have Instant Messaging but have internet (Noob alert)…


10 Virtually instant ways to improve your life…Definitely worth a read and consideration.

An interactive visual representation of the effects of global warming worldwide, check it out and really see what’s happening. It got me thinking about where I can green up.

A pretty funny story about what kids think they hear up till the age of 16 by the New Yorker…put a smile on my face
What our sleeping style says about us…I’m a freefaller what are you?

Isn’t that enough fun for one day? Click the links I’ve hidden around for fun pics~

Have as much fun as I have writing for you today!

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Flickrvision!! SL mission, 101 ways to drive traffic away from ur blog,

Tiggity Tuesday!

Glad to see that everyone is enjoying our ‘Dance Responsibly’ website. Just reminding everyone you can make $3000 AUD for uploading a video of yourself or acquantaince…I want to enter AHH! Anyways…onto todays blog.

Tech Love

Flickrvision has launched and it is awesome, basically an interactive worldwide map that displays photos that are freshly uploaded and the location. A really welcome and cool addition to the land of Flickr!

A look into the minds behind 4 companies to invest in SL and their raison d’etre in the virtual world. (BMW, ABN Amro, Vodafone, PA Consulting)

Now we all want to know how to tell people to bugger off so here’s the blog way to do it…. 101 ways to drive traffic away from your blog! (I better check if i commit any of these LOL!)


Ever been pwned by your credit card company, bank or mobile phone carrier? Here’s the way to pwn them back! YEAH!!!

Today’s pics are dedicated to the credit card companies, banks and mobile phone carriers~


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Vid clip of my Battle in Sydney and Graduation Day!!!

First of all this is our battle from Sydney last weekend…we got robbed…haha all good.

Just as long as long as everybody enjoys the clip  I’m happy.

We’re on the right…guess who I am and win……my LOVE!

Today I had my graduation…

Was cool, dressed up did my hair all nice the whole 9…(I’m straight)  LOL

Was good to get 2 degrees because I did a double degree.

My evil plan was to say:

To other student: Did you get these?

B: yeh

Me: Oh u only got ONE!?

B: Yeh why?

Me: I got like two…

B: what the?

Me: You got pwned…NOOB

Evil but fun!

Here’s the 2 promised funny pics! Enjoy!

kid jewels

I just realised I haven’t talked about tech stuff…

so here we go…

Get a DS Lite!!!!

Don’t get Nintendogs u retards!

Buy Mario games

Waluigi loves Wario but it’s only a one way love…they’d be happy in San Francisco

Have a good day!



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How to make life more fun

 I’m doing my morning blog…

We just got a kitten (i’ll post a pic soon) no name as of yet, it’s a female and meanwhile I thinkin we were gonna get a male one had my heart set on Pancho…DAMN! SO i gotta think of a name before i get home…hehe lil bugger keeps biting my hand…

ANYWAY back to having more fun 3 ways:
1. Here’s an easy ass way

Say and do what you want…

The dilemmas and the disadvantages are apparent…u can get foot in the mouth scenarios…awkward moment…bad repercussions etc.

Example: Hey your outfit is so old it’s as if it was a dead relative’s LOL

umm….yeh my mum died and left me this…


2. Find a Passion

We all have a passion…let’s exclude the opposite sex, careers, general BS please…its not fun and not interesting

So how about we all find something cool to do! Gaming (my other fave), dancing (my fave), movie buff, music junkie, food critic, animal tamer, scuba diver, film maker, artist, blogger etc!

come on going to the gym and drinking brewskis = no depth in a person…get a life u freakin wack krunts!

3. Space out!

Just space out…dream…close your eyes and see what you want to be…

I wanna dance, play games, hang with cool frenz (both sexes 🙂 ) work where i’m at and just be happy, keep my religion and just be happy… thats what i can think of for now

What u got?



Heres 2 kikass pics more next blog !

Zeus! LOL

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Sydney roundup, BBoying from the depths…

So i got back from Sydney yesterday…

Had a bboy comp with the crew (Nokturnal) prolly not my favourite experience as a bboy.

Here’s why…the comp itself was not a bboy comp, so even if we had anger to vent we didnt have cyphers to knock fools out!

The DJ was a fag…house and disco at a bboy comp?! Dude is a faggot (Matt Fernandez)

Being from Adelaide or just from an unknown area lacks any reason for judges not to favour the better known crews…

So basically, in my POV we got robbed a decent chance at a comp…

So it’s my turn to get my head out of the ground and get crazy into training till i smoke everyone…

Damn its gonna be hard to get myself up to that point and be motivated but hey if you’re hungry you’re HUNGRY!

Lunch breaks are fun!



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