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Domain Names 101, Healthy Skin 101, Widget!:Google Translate

How does one stay unique and true to what they represent? in a time of tumultuous noobs and gurus where everyone is on the lines buyin up every domain name they can think of – Here’s a great post from Half Again Marketing (Link to Blog)

We all want clearer skin and aspire to have skin so clean one can eat nachos off without fretting. Unfortunately not all of us have this privilege so here are some steps towards a cleaner surface area of skin. (link to Blog)

For those that have many international guests to their blog, here’s a nice widget by Google that’ll translate your site for these happy foreign readers! (Link to Widget)

Three untapped values of Social Networks by Chris Brogan (Great blog here)

Another great moment in the life of George W Bush at  a Press Conference…’I got a B in Econ 101….’WTF? (The Clip is HERE)

A game show format puzzler/brain teaser(choose the car behind the right door out of 3)  it’s namely the Monty Hall Problem. (It’s a clip HERE)

How does the new design look?

It’s still raw and I have to put back in widgets etc. So hold tight!

Thanks for all your support!

To top it off! A morally incorrect image!


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Idiot Panda…Make monies on Facebook, Bargain paradise! Blog on iPhone

Hey guys, if you’re out there!!!!!!!~

I have been a fool and have not written even once last week! What’s going on!!??? I gotta step my game up seriously! Now rest assured that I am still reading around and getting’s just that getting that 1 hour to sit and type has slowly become less and less of a mandatory process so here I am forcing myself to get back on track at 12:40 am…hehe

Tech Love

Want to make monies on Facebook? Here’s the Lemonade app link to be on your way to make monies from da internets through Facebook!

Damnit Sony I want one of your new rolling and slammin mp3 players!

We can now blog via freakin Typepad on the iPhone~ woo…yay *insert sarcasm*

For over a 100 bargain deal finding sites…check this link list here! And we (or I) thought deals online didnt exist anymore~


I have white teeth but after a coffee or a coke they can become slightly tinged, so here’s an uber sweet way to keep em shiny white with guess what? Strawberries and baking soda!!!

For all the health conscious out there, I know I should be but meh ice cream wins all! Here’s 60+ health and fitness sites…I actually might look into getting some motivation to move my body once in a while!

Awesome little story on teen ninjas running wild in Seattle.…ahhh the days of youth…I am ninja he is ninja we are ninja too~~~ lalala

Here is some image love…some random market that thought ‘meat’ is a sufficient description for its meat…it’s funnier if you THINK about it!!! phew…


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Wii Pwns! Youtube vids to PC,iPod, PSP, Mobile!300 Ultimate WordPress tools!

Hey guys I know my blogs have been less frequent then they should be…just been uber pwned since getting back here but don’t worry! I’ll blog as much as possible and will try to amp up the frequency to make up for the lack thereof!

Tech Love

The Wii is now the ultimate market leader in the sales of home console, taking over the Xbox 360 which could explain its price drop recently.Wii’s 10.57million sales to Xbox 360s Now all I have to do is wait till I have enough cash to actually buy one! Noobd.

Now there are times you just have to see your fave YouTube clip (one of many) on your PC, iPod, PSP and mobile to readily show everyone! Well here’s vconvert! The great thing about vconvert is that it’s not just limited to Youtube, it can download and convert any online videos! Enjoy!

Finally, Here’s the super uber list of 300 WordPress tools for your blog! How do I choose???


Mistakes not to make on the first date, but this list applies to most dates in general…Talking on the phone on a date? Get it right, very rude.

14 Foods that lower cholesterol…for all you diet heads out there!

Posting this pic teetered back and forth in my mind but I have decided to post it up due to its hilarity factor. I wish I could have witnessed this in real life, or do I? Brrrrrrrrrr…..

A definite WTF


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SL court case, Transformer facts, Teach teens via Virtual Worlds, Drink Water!

Once again I am bogged with the real life, that is making my online life harder to maintain. So let’s get it started on this wonderful technically July the 4th hurray! woo!

Tech Love

So we embark on another Second Life case after a drought of news on them. What is it this time? It’s an alleged case of copyright infringement. It’s a rather X-rated case so if you’re 15 or younger avert your eyes! If not, please feel free to click away if you don’t get offended easily.

So you have no idea how to let your teen into the world of the birds and the bees, Racism and those with disabilities? Why not let the virtual worlds teach them? “The study found that the gaming actually enhanced their imagination and also allowed them to peer into other cultures they wouldn’t normally come in contact with” Rather true if you think about all the jibber jabber we do while pwning someone online.

So now to some Transformers related cool facts.

The 10 coolest fictional trucks…can you guess which one is number one before you click?

The 7 most useless Transformers, I don’t agree with number 7 damnit! He’s awesome and we can’t live without him! The other ones are just hilarious LOL please consider a read!


Finally, 9 reasons as to why we should drink more water.

I know this is highly controversial and very machoistic guy stuff and I am sorry to the female crowd but I did find it on the net and it did make me laugh that these guys took the time to ruin their chances of getting laid ever again, unless it’s between themselves…which is well….priceless. LOL


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Creepy Robot! SL ‘land’ dispute goes to Court! Business networking 2.0

Tiggerish Tuesdays is what Tiggers do best! Get to it already!

Tech Love

Now I know robots are cool and all that but this creation is just creepy and as the article says so rightly…DISTURBING. It’s cool in its own way, but I must say I would pay to not have that in my room…what do you think? Even glancing at screenshots gives me the chills….

Second Life is in the freakin’ news again…this time we got a virtual land dispute that actually made it to the federal court room.  Now you’re also thinking WTH? (what the hell?) So here’s the link to read all about it. Basically the prosecutor feels his land was wrongfully seized by Linden Labs.

It’s said in this article, that 65% of business professional are networking  via personal and professional networking sites. Most popular being Linkedin (here’s my profile so you can add me up 🙂 )  Other reasons to use these networking sites was to keep in contact with internal and remote staff or looking for a new job.


Here’s 8 tips for keeping your cash……….and

How to organize your family’s essential information in case of an emergency.

Today’s funny funny is thanks to Google Maps…(Click!) no really please do!


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