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Google Parade, Celebs are wack on Digg, A greener Digg?

Taking a bit of a breather today just been uber busy with our website… sorry guys! But will still deliver the goodness~

So here’s the links to some uber cool reads

Tech love

Celebrities Dominate, But Not on Digg

The environmentally friendly version of Digg?

Product announcements by Google! A lot of very exciting additions coming to the google family!

Remember Club Penguin? Well in the spirit of acquisation Sony wants to take over the Penguins!


10 ways to keep your memory strong!

Today’s pic is dedicated to engrish! LOL

tough guy

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Famous? Me? LOL, Youtube KO’d by Thailand Round 5! How social media will change the world, Most googled words per country!




One more time, MY NEW SITE IS HERE!

TGIF once again!

A joyous week of mammoth proportions I must add! I am oh so close to finishing God of War…I won some shoes on eBay and I was super slightly featured on adsofthe world for our website campaign!

adsyahar Oh yeh~ Our friendly neighbour Jules is on the list too! well if you have time check out the site, I am a cameo on the mooner breakdance clip on the left LOL tell me what you think! The link is…… DanceResponsibly

Tech Love

And now to Round 5 of the now ‘highly hoping that the issue will die yet keeps coming back Youtube vs Thailand Case!’ Well it comes down to YouTube on the cards to get KO’d and therefore take down the clips that ‘take the mickey’ out of the Thailand Royals.

So the argument behind this article is how Social Media will change the world…This article is Digg focused so for all you Digg lovers take your time and enjoy the read.

Ever wondered what the hell is the most ‘googled’ word out there? Well I found an article which partially uncovers the goodies on a few countries. UK, Australia, Colombia, France and Pakistan to name a few. ENJOY it’s pretty interesting and a little humorous hehe

Finally, Just thought I’d post up the SEOmoz’sweb2.0 award winners page because we can all find something interesting in the list, I’ve had a blast going through all the sites!


How to make a cloud in a bottle!

Today’s theme is and monkeys and idiots haha low brow humor for all!

have a great weekend!




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Disney vs Myspace, 15 best diet tips, NBA in SL! Digg revolt!

Hey Hey! 

So it’s another rainy day, but we’re all feelin the love~

Tech Love

Disney battles MySpace – Disney wants to battle it out for the under 14 market in the online social network arena, Disney’s push is that it is a much safer environment. Basically a push to create  a ‘walled garden’ for their kids which i believe is totally understandable, but hey what annoying little bandito is gonna stay in a walled garden environment??? Well we shall see…although I do believe that the gaming social network for tweens Club Penguin is doing Very well.

If you didn’t know already overnight there was a mass revolt on Digg about the moderation of one post that gave out the HD DVD processing key. It was pretty awesome, how the whole front page was flooded by ‘Digger’s posting up the HD DVD processing key and sticking it to Digg.  User-generated news….we love you!

Get your NBA on in SL! The dudes at NBA have setup a 3D NBA store, a mock NBA arena and even a press centre where visitors can roam and play using video-game-like avatars. Definitely sounds better than a lot of other company sites in SL (second life)!


Here’s the 15 best diet tips ever! Shed the pounds in winter (southern hemisphere) Shed the pounds for summer! (northern hemisphere) LOL

 Todays pics are….Cat Wii and Animal Crossing! Ah… nook u crazy!


animal crossing

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MySpace news the lame Digg, 7 secrets to happiness, 6 funny life lessons

Hey guys!

MySpace News is lame

Let’s look at MySpace‘s lame excuse to take on the uber sweet Digg.

Basically, all you can do is vote and read no uploading of stories meaning….WHAT PEOPLE??? YES LAME STORIES the feeling that’s kinda like when you find out the leprechaun isn’t the nicest fella (BEST VIDEO! warning: coarse language 18+)

Here’s 7 secrets to being happy! (with your job that is)

Really enjoyed that read.

Finally, 6 life lessons told in a humorous manner.

Have a kickass weekend. And just plainly feeeel goooooooddd! (Like James Brown RIP)

Today’s pics are…..awesome! parenting and having fun is the theme!



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